Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is an American/Latino pop star. Every one of his album covers look the same.

Can you tell which song is on which album?

Just The Facts

  1. He prefers to masturbate in front of a mirror rather than sleep with women.
  2. He has ruined the musical dignity of more than one country.
  3. He was a well renowned Spanish pop star before you ever heard of him.

Early American Career

One of Enrique's earliest singles was "Bailamos", off the ill-fated 1999 movie Wild Wild West's soundtrack. He then hit gold in 2001 with the single "Hero", which was your girlfriend's favorite song. Chances are, you realize that you know more than one song by him now.

Current American Career

Like all Spanish men, he eventually stopped singing about saving women and asking them to dance, and started singing about getting them drunk and sleeping with them, very directly.

Future American Career

Since Enrique Iglesias apparently does not age, he will be around for awhile. So if you ever need his most recent picture, just hold out until his next album.