Everyone knows what a camerawhore is, but not everyone knows if they, themselves are one. Here's how to tell.))

But most of the time only for angering the population.

Just The Facts

  1. Anyone can be a camwhore.
  2. Disregard.
  3. Disregard,


Have you ever been so taken by your own rugged/dirty/hobo-like good looks that you felt compelled to take pictures of yourself? Sure, that's fine. You wouldn't want people to forget you exist. Have you taken millions of 'artistic' shots of yourself, up close, then lightened them to hide your obvious flaws? Perhaps added some pink and blue star graphics and cute lyrics?
There's a limit to the ammount of cuteness a picture can have. If you have crossed that line, like (NSFW)

Cracky-chan Dorian Thorn
Delivery-chan Chris-chan
Protest-chan Sonmanic
Martini-chan Emotion Eric
1tabita Joshwa Plastic
chloroformGirll Losttrap
Boxxy Perez Hilton
Paris Hilton Burk
Mickyy Moo AtJap13
Lena Chen
Zoe Yang

then feel free to admit you have a problem.
Go on, I said feel f-- OH HELL NO. ZIP UP YOUR PANTS.

Camwhoring for money/goods/free

If you have shown any part of you to any other party on the internet with nothing in return, then you are part of the 90% of the population who is ABSOLUTELY RETARDED. That's right. You want a premium account on some gimpy website you like? You want some 'creds' on IMVU? One titty can get you that. That is correct. You can prostitute yourself for stuff you want. What a fucking score for you, amirite?


Self-Appreciating Camera-Whoreism.

A lot of people become camwhores because they find themselves irresistably attractive.
"My god! That's terrible!"

It is indeed terrible. These people always need to be facing a reflective surface when they talk so that they can focus on themselves. While doing this, they often fluff their hair, change positions and basically chack themselves out while having a conversation. On the phone, this leads to... nowhere. In a face to face situation-- it also leads to nowhere. You cannot talk to these people, they're too busy trying to hook up with themselves, They are perfectly happy with masturbation-- hell, they get to screw the hottest person in the world whenever they want to.

Their facebook/myspace pictures are often scantily edited, (Because they're perfect already) and in great quantities. Many of them have deleted friends who complain about the constant flood of uploading taking over their newsfeed.

Low Self-Esteem Camera-Whoreism

Low self-esteem camwhores usually hide their faces under extreme brightness and high contrast, their hands, or anything that might seem cute. These people are usually preteen girls who have access to a camera and 'picnik'. They only upload these heavily edited pictures in hopes that you forget what they really look like and that they appear more attractive.
They usually appear as a pair of eyes suspended in a sea of yellow, blue or pink textureless background.

Yes. If your pictures look like any of the above, seek help.
Or crawl into an incinerator.