Jack Thompson

Any enthusiast of violent video games knows about Jack Thompson, the definition of Douche. He didn't start out with just games though, He originally fought against rap music and Howard Stern, but then he learned about video violence.

This is the reason your mom wouldn't buy you Doom

Just The Facts

  1. Once a lawyer, he was disbarred for making false statements to tribunals and disparaging and humiliating litigants.
  2. He hasn't even seen gameplay of most the games he critizes.
  3. He once charged battery on Janet Leno for touching his shoulder.

Geeks Satan

Ever since the Heath High school shooting, Jack has been blaming video games for almost every act of public violence kids have done. He blamed Columbine on Doom,saying that the shooters made maps to simulate there school, which the never did,He blamed Virginia Tech on Counter Strike and said that Lee Boyd Malvo, a shooter in the Beltway sniper attacks, was trained by playing Halo, saying he predicted the shooter was gonna be a teenager playing a game switched to "sniper mode", which if he ever did actaully predict this right it wouldn't be that amazing, he blames fucking everything on video games.He also blamed a young boys self-hanging on South Park, even though the parents confirmed the boy never watched the show, yes, Jacko never checks sources.