LARP stands for live action role play. it is the ultimate act of faggotry one can commit before crossing into furry country.

Just The Facts

  1. LARP is the ultimate act of self degradation
  2. many types of LARP exist including:star trek LARP, naruto LARP, star wars LARP, warhammer LARP, 40k LARP, pokemon LARP, and even nazi* LARP
  3. LARPers will often run around in the woods throwing shit and hitting eachother with rubber axes.
  4. LARPers have even been known to build cardboard prop such as towers, turrets, and even tanks

what is LARP?

I myself am a man of feild research. i will sometimes have to set myself into the nerd subcultures as part of my note taking (i am currently taking notes on table top wargaming communities) and every comic book store i goto everyone ,from the manga emos to the d&d groups to the guy who buys every star trek action figure, will say they find larp weird (which may explain why they run around in the woods. the creepiest aspect is probably the cosplay. we all know why cosplay is creepy

and when we associate cosplay with that. we will always be afraid of cosplayers even if they are the endangered (only 4 exist) hot geek chick.

take a good look. they will probably go extinct in your life time

yes because of sailor bubba up there i cant get a hard on from those two up there. so any way larpers will run around in the woods wearing with foam swords and wands yelling and hitting each other whie looking like idiots. it is truly strange that fate would kick probability in the balls so much that enough of these weirdos would live so close to eachother in so many cities.

*: nazi larp refers to WWII larp. i just refer to it a such to make it sound weirder.