Board Games

Board Games... Fun or Evil??

Bet you wouldnt wanna meet this guy in a dark alley!!

Oh the many different ways you can use subliminal messaging!!!

The truth about Board Games...Sortof

What do you think of when somebody says, "Wanna play Monopaly?"

I'll tell you what I think! I usually think, "Why? If I wanted to expose myself to propaganda, I would watch the shopping channel!"

Most people dont know this, but most board games are just another way to get you to do something!!!!! Look at Monopoly... they want you to learn how to one up another person and manage property and get the others bankrupt! It's a buisness simulation that gets you ready to be ruthless in the market!

How about the game of Life? If you can't tell me what there're trying to do with this game, I doubt your intelligence! All they are doig you is trying to get you ready for the things that can happen in life. (Too bad the didn't add: Sorry but you are impotent!) And yes it's a nice thing to do but they invaribly had too many good things on the board, where were the: Oops! you went backrupt, or, Darn, you had a teenage pregnancy squares?? Oh! and my favorite... The bank reposesed oyur house and car!

The board games are just ways to get you ready for real life but mostly had too much good and wernt real enough!!