Dude, like oh my God, Incubus was so fucking good when I saw them at Bonaroo. The lead singer and the turntablist totally smoked a joint on stage (so0o chill). The mushrooms I ate came up right in the middle of their 9-minute jam session of "Drive."

I'm pretty sure this is Incubus, although it could be 311, Oh my God, I love them too. 420, smoke weed.

When they opened for The Deftones it was like the perfect fusion of reggae, metal, and rap. Ya' know?

Just The Facts

  1. I lost my virginity to this older chick at the skate park to Incubus. Although, now that I think about it, it might have been POD
  2. Lead singer Brandon Boyd is such a chill dude, ya' know?
  3. He plays the SHIT out of a dijeridoo!
  4. Turn tables AND rock, what's not to fucking like?

Here's why Incubus rules!

Incubus released their first album in 1995 and since then have been honing their fucking AWESOME sound, right? Like they started like a great rap-metal band. But ohmygod, now they've become this wicked sweet like political group? I dunno, I never really get the political stuff.

LEGALIZE IT 420 bluntbluntbluntblunt.

Jeez, like, bro, so0o many memories

Like when I think back to all the Incubus memories I have to, uh, Incubus is like such a trip down memory lane. I smoked tha FATTEST blunt when I saw them on the Family Values Tour. The played with KoRn and System Of A Down. All these like dudes? Were like moshing and shit, but like me and my buddy were just chilling in the back smoking a blunt cause like chill, ya know?

It was so cool, lead singer Brandon Boyd totally came on stage and helped SOAD sing "Chopsuey" for the encore.

Why's everybody hating?

Why's everybody always like hating on like Incubus and stuff, ya know? Its like, dude, if I could get all the politicians in the world together and like have them hit the grav-bong in my basement and just like chill and listen to Incubus there'd be no more wars. 'Cause like there's like quiet reggae parts for the dudes down to chill and there's like heavy parts for like dudes looking to rock. We'll just like pop open some brews, roll a jay, and listen to some fucking ill music, nah mean?

Yo bros

Yo bros, if you guys are like totally down talking about like music hit me up on myspace.

My hobbies are like talking about ill bands like Incubus, Trapt, 311, Hoobastank, Dave Matthews Band, Insane Clown Posse, Goldfinger, System Of A Down, Alterbridge, and Disturbed.

Catch you on the flipside cool dudes.