Cleveland Sports

Cleveland sports are just one more reason it sucks to be from Ohio.

Just The Facts

  1. Cleveland is home to Major League Baseball's Indians, the NBA's Cavaliers and the NFL's Browns.
  2. This is actually the second version of the Browns after Art Modell moved the team to become the Baltimore Ravens.
  3. That's basically like when your goldfish dies and your parents replace it, give it the same name, and hope you won't notice.

Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians were established as a Major League Baseball franchise in 1901 and are the most successful Cleveland sports team, having won two World Series titles. Of course since those came in 1920 and 1948 and they are still the most successful pro sports franchise in the city, that should indicate just how rough it's been to be a Cleveland sports fan over the years.

Cleveland's 62 year World Series drought is now the second longest in the Majors, behind only the Chicago Cubs. The Indians were originally called the Lake Shores and were one of the original eight American League teams. They changed their name to the Indians in 1914, deeming that "Lake Shores" wasn't nearly offensive enough.

The Indians were immortalized in the 1989 film Major League, in which the team is portrayed as a bumbling group of nobodies that somehow pulls it together to win the American League pennant despite a shitty owner trying to move the team. Of course we learn in the sequel, the imaginatively named Major League II, that they still failed to win the World Series, meaning that Cleveland sports teams are failures even in fictional settings.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Cavaliers