The Adventures Of Dr. Mcninja

The Adventures of Dr. Mcninja is a webcomic about a doctor who is also a ninja. He is better than you at everything.


Just The Facts

  1. The Adventures of Dr. Mcninja is a webcomic drawn by Chris Hastings
  2. It has been in publication since 2003
  3. That is more than most of you will accomplish in your lifetime

Cracked on Dr. Mcninja has already certified "Dr. Mcninja" as one of the funniest webcomics ever, but more needs to be said.

The premise is fairly self-explanatory. Dr. Mcninja is a doctor who also happens to be a ninja (or a ninja who happens to be a doctor). Regardless, he has to balance the demands of his profession with the prestige of his lineage. Most of the time though, he ignores one or disregards both entirely depending on the situation.

Dr. Mcninja himself is almost the perfect hero. First off, he's a goddamn ninja, although he's humble enough to defer to other heroes.


Second, he's quick thinking and sharp tongued, and it seems like he knows everything. It may come from having the clone of Benjamin Franklin as a mentor. But more likely, it has something to do with some experiments he did during college.

The webcomic concerns the everyday, commonplace life, of Dr. Mcninja, which involves some not so commonplace events.

Should've took a left turn at sanity

The ninja's natural predator, besides pirates

He has fought, in order; Ronad McDonald, Paul Bunyan, pirates, raptor-riding banditos, an 80's ninja movie star, ghosts, Dracula, a lobster mobster, an ancient tennis loving civilization, a motorcycle riding gangster, and the 80's ninja movie star again.

Along the way, he's goten help from his sidekick Gordito, a 12 year old sharpshooter who grew a moustache from sheer-will power (and childhood trauma), Gordito's mount, a velociraptor, his crazy ninja family, his secratary, Judy the Gorilla, and his mentor Ben Franklin.

It'd be easy enough to recommend it to anybody who reads Cracked. It's well written and well-drawn, but it's also a distillation of everything Cracked holds dear. It's got ninjas, pirates, non-sequiters, explosions, epic battles, thinly veiled Super Mario Bros. refrences, vampires (the badass kind), zombies, Thriller, pterodactyls, steampunk technology, motorcycles, robots, cyberpunk wizards... have you orgasmed yet? No? Then read this motherfucking comic.

Dr. Mcninja updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and may not be safe for work. It's not dirty at all, but it may lead to your computer spontaneously combusting due to an overload of AWESOEME.