Ice Cube

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION** Ice Cube is arguably one of the most influential rappers of all time, having pioneered the "gangsta rap" genre along with his group N.W.A. Oh yea and he has acted in/directed/produced over 25 movies.

Ice Cube being the badass motherfucker he is

Just The Facts

  1. A successful rapper and actor
  2. Possibly the reason why dumb Andy Griffith looking motherfucking cops feel the need to beat and imprison any black guy who locks himself out of his house
  3. Anaconda was a badass movie that would have sucked without Ice Cube. And that IS fact

Cracked on Ice Cube

What can we say about Ice Cube? Unless we can channel the authorial prowess of Charles Dickens or that kid from Finding Forrester, all we'll do is degrade his legacy. But we will attempt to put down on pape... on laptop screen what we know of his greatness. He began his illustrious career in Compton, CA as part of the rap group N.W.A along with Eazy-E (RIP). They are best remembered for starting the gangsta rap genre and for saying "fuck tha police",