Baseball Cards

Heroes of your youth deserve to be ridiculed.

Jose Canseco here for Jordache

Just The Facts

  1. There's no better place to see late-1980s facial hair than on baseball cards.
  2. Children have been subjected to a surprising number of bulges through their card collections.
  3. Players have no shame when money and/or a camera is involved.

A Cracked take on thin pieces of cardboard

Baseball cards have always looked good at production time and ridiculous in retrospect. Photographers and card companies have had ideas, and players have agreed to them. Attach a half-dozen balls to my bat and tell me to make the "O" sign? Sure. Ask my mother for an embarrassing childhood photo and reproduce it 750,000 times? Why not. These kind of judgment mistakes happened in 1952:

... and still happen today:

Facial hair

Baseball cards offer a canvas for the facial hair styles of the times. From beards to mustaches to goatees to embarrassing splotches, baseball players know how to wear hair on their faces: