Rage Quit

Rage Quitting is an activity that involves video games and extreme rage. The action of the Rage Quit is a nuisance and it takes pain to get there. Kind of like a blood sacrifice or something out of one of the many Saw films.

Thanks to Spiraldog for the image.

Just The Facts

  1. People like to unleash their primeval rage.
  2. The bigger, louder and more blown out of proportion, the more amusing the rage quit will be.
  3. Rage Quitting is a legitimate tactic in videogames.
  4. Some people even Rage Quit outside of videogames. More on that later.

The Rage

Videogames, the latest wonder of the modern world! They bring so much joy and pleasure to many people around the world.

Although some people don't like them. Haters....

In modern society killing people is a bit of a taboo. Videogames allow you to shoot someone in the face, while others put you in the finals of the World Cup or let you win the World Series. Manipulating electronics to control the fate and destiny of random bods and grunts and decide whether they live or die is surprisingly enjoyable. Even if they aren't real people, or especially because they aren't quite real (sorry to spoil it for you).

Yeah, just like that... kind of.

The gods who created videogames have taken advantage of the online world so now you can shoot someone on the other side of the world in the face. Fun huh!?

Online gaming: challenging social taboos.

But for all the love and joy felt from ripping people's faces off, it can also bring out anger and wraith that would make satan blush. Particularly while playing online. Here is how...

  1. Awesome server, you are running around and get to the killzone, kill a few people but get killed yourself. Not a problem...
  2. because you decide to flank them, perhaps go to a location good for sniping. Nice tactics!
  3. Run through this isolated corridor which is miles from all the fighting.
  4. Bang, you're dead! WTF, a camper sitting in the corner of the room!
  5. That is annoying but I assume he will have moved.
  6. Fuck, he is still in there!
  7. Okay, get a machine gun, flashbang and grenades...
  8. Throw them into the room, SWAT style! Run in guns blazing!
  9. What. The. Fuck!!!!?!?!?!?!
  10. You still die somehow. To rub it in it's a 12 year old who calls you a faggot.

Campers, pricks on microphones, shitty spawn points, shitty team mates, shitty levels and shitty weapons and shitty everything. It all adds to the rage.

Camping: for faggots since the beginning of time.

Our very own PWOT-ers discuss when games piss them off in this thread here.

The Quitting

You get to the point where you have broken several controllers, slapped a child or woman (or the combo of a pregnant woman) in the face, screamed curses from the very depths of Ragnarok and the match or game you are playing isn't even halfway done.

It's time to quit.

The hate is swelling in you now.Take your controller. Use it.

How you quit is up to you although you are limited to pressing the start button and pressing "Exit Game" or something along those lines. Often you will get a message that really digs the knife in deeper saying that any XP or bonus points will be lost. Hopefully though this will help erase the memory of what just happened.

Full marks for effort. But there is a slight problem....

Now you can go outside and enjoy yourself as you calm down and your heart and blood pressure relaxes. You have probably survived the rage and enjoyed the adrenaline rush. Congratulations, you are the real winner!

What about Nerd Rage?

Ah, good thing you ask my padawan.

Nerd Rage is similar to Rage Quitting but it doesn't have the quitting part. Consider it like an overdose. Some people love too much of a good thing and lose their senses and self control, they are blinded by the rage and forget that by the simple press of a button they can escape the electronic coded reality.

Too much code. They should have quit after the first one but no, they went on regardless.

Maybe they play videogames to escape their reality which makes the nerd rage unfair. Although that is quite an unfair leap to assumptions.

Okay, maybe it is a fair assumption in some cases.

Like a lot of things watching Nerd Rage can be enjoyed by an audience. Who doesn't love watching their friend go nuts? Especially when you add fuel to the fiery rage by making annoying dickish comments like "woah, i thought you were good at this?" or the occasional mocking laughter.

There is even a Fallout 3 perk called Nerd Rage. That is how powerful and destructive it can be.