Call Of Duty

Believe it or not (which most you will) Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has it's roots in World War Two where gentlemen had the decency to fight as an identifiable enemy. Not some unknown terrorist-insurgency.

Just The Facts

  1. You fight Nazis, and lots of them.
  2. You don't fight just by yourself, NPC allies actually seem to help. Why has this concept disappeared?
  3. Playing online was a fun experience, where you could customize games thanks to dedicated servers. Again, why is this not around anymore?

History can be fun.

Like a lot of other games it takes place in a historical setting. Unless you are incredibly young (go and play outside, come back to the internet when you can enjoy the experience of porn) or didn't pay any attention at school or in other video games or movies and are completely oblivious somehow, there was a huge war in the 1940s. Kind of like The First World War but with a bigger budget, explosions and it tied up a few loose ends but also lead to a third part that a lot of people consider too deep in the form of the Cold War.

Before more digression it's probably a good idea to get to the topic of Call Of Duty. Before it there was another WWII game (and others mind you) which was significant and had another very decent multiplayer, it was called Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault. The highly enjoyable multiplayer let you create a server with mods and have battles involving 64 people. For games which are seven or eight years old, online gaming was pretty good back then compared to todays lack of dedicated servers and playing with 18 people in the latest Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. One of the most significant differences between COD and MOHAA is the ability to aim down the sights or your weapon. This was a pretty big development as it meant you could be more accurate with your firing and more realistic. Cool! Another difference is that instead of landing on a beach in Normandy, you land in a field by a plane.

See? It features a beach instead, but still a guy looking away from the action.

Not just Americans took part in the war

Instead of being a one man superman, CoD features different playable characters. You first play as an American dropping into France, and then a Brit crash landing into France by glider (I sense a common theme...), while the third campaign has you as a conscript in the Red Army. Dang, no landing in France. Although you do land on a shore from a boat.

For the lack of money in the USSR, their boat was better than this. It was bigger and had a canvas roof.

The Russian campaign was memorable because it was just like Enemy At The Gates. From a dodgy boat crossing the Volga River into Stalingrad, not being given a rifle (I feel that a rifle is essential to war these days) regardless if you wait or try to sneak into a different place in the line, to the storming the square against overwhelming German odds and even the "Not one step back" order given by Stalin. There is sniping involved too. Unfortunately there is no relationship with a pretty female though, although plenty of dodgy Russian accents for you to enjoy. You also get to drive a tank which is cool.

For some reason the Russian campaign from World At War also features Russian sniping and an ending mission set in the Battle of Berlin that culminates in the Reichstag. To this day I still don't why, let's just sweep WaW under the carpet....

Surprisingly the real Battle of Berlin did not capture the fun that was felt in Call Of Duty.

Didn't kill enough people?

If you were still angry at the injustices that occurred during World War Two or just wanted to further your gaming experience, then an expansion pack (United Offensive) was created. Again the box art featured a guy not looking at the enemy. And again no explanation was offered.

But if you wanted to kill more Nazis, you could.

Nazis. I hate these guys.

Unfortunately though you had to fight by conventional means and not with religious or occult artifacts. This time the American Campaign borrowed more from Band Of Brothers in the Battle of Bastogne and even a mission involving the French village of Foy. The British dude starts off in a bomber as one of the gunners so you can have a lot of fun shooting down German fighters and protecting your bomber convoy. While as a Russian you get to visit Poland.

Multiplayer featured vehicles that you could drive around and annoy other players as well as new gaming modes such as Domination which is still around to this day. Another new concept was a rank structure, where the more people you kill, the higher rank you gain which has perks and benefits. However this wasn't some long term perks and benefits where you can slash a guys face off from ten feet away. Or continually use a grenade launcher to mask your lack of skill. It was online gaming where men were men and melee hits required a perfect angle, not swiping in the general area of the enemy where a graze on the arm turns out to be fatal.

How does CODMW2 compare with COD?

Well the original Call Of Duty ended in 1945 which is a coincidence as that's when World War Two ended. The Modern Warfare series revamped Call Of Duty by placing it in a modern setting (in case you couldn't tell) but there are problems with that modern setting.

War these days seems to be all about counter insurgency. Look at the two main current conflicts - Iraq and Afghanistan. Sure Iraq had an army but most of their soldiers just rage quit and gave themselves up. Except for the hardcore guys who were on their 7th prestige. Those guys were serious. Instead Modern Warfare has you fighting a generic middle east nation (well they got that bit right) and some generic Russian terrorists who want the old school days of playing on a NES under the strict iron fist of communism. Or something like that. Ultra nationalists or some weird political shit. With recent Russian spies being found it is a possibility that we need to send the SAS to sort out those pesky Russians.

Modern Warfare 2 was the continuation of Modern Warfare (funny that 'eh?) and it had a lot more explosions and betrayals. Friends became enemies, enemies became friends. Literally. I don't know how often that happens in Iraq or Afghanistan but I can imagine it doesn't happen that much. Also Modern Warfare 2 isn't actually modern... it happens a few years from now. It should be Future Warfare. This causes the time-space continuum to become unstable.

Aside from the the crappy storyline (CODMW was decent, MW2 was a bit of a stretch. Kind of like Transformers 2) the games themselves are pretty different.

It's like a movie - as said MW2 was kind of like Transformers 2, a Michael Bay experience of big explosions and a bizarre storyline. Some of this is good though to be honest. It tells a story and tries to engage with the players. Unfortunately those players are intent on killing people and blowing shit up. An example of good story points are the Chernobyl sniper missions, parts where Price throws you a weapon, and bits where you die.

You actually die in missions - Kind of like a movie, but some levels feature a part where you are supposed to die which caused a few people to reload the level in confusion. In COD you are always a winner and are supposed to survive.

Online experience is different - COD didn't feature any leveling up. You have the same weapons available as every other guy so it's a level playing field. People who played more and got better didn't have better weapons than you. A point that is still bizarre to this day. "This guy is doing better than everyone else. Let's give him a helicopter to make him do even better." There were less campers back in the day because of the level design, most of the action occurred outside.

ZOMG! You faggot, look at the camping!!!

Sniping also took part that didn't involve trying to sniper some who was merely a few metres away. Remember Hurtgen? And the custom maps? Spawn killing as well. That didn't happen often in the original as the spawn points were more sensible.