Will It Blend?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, would this item im holding blend? Well blendtec did, and the results formed the basis of their entire business model

Just The Facts

  1. Blendtec is a company that... you guessed it! Produce Blenders.
  2. No one in the world would have given a fuck about this fact, if founder Tom Dickson hadn't been audacious and ballsy enough to base his entire viral marketing campaign around blending the most random shit in his blender
  3. on youtube
  4. which worked because; as of June 15th, his blendtec videos have managed 117,105,290 views.
  5. He first came up with the idea of Will It Blend? after trying to blend a box of matches. We have no fucking clue why he even tried to do this
  6. We however like to think the real story is that he was trying to blend his gigantic balls into a Dickson Milkshake to give to other advertisers, so that other companies would also make badass adverts and infomercials
  7. and not stick us with shamwow, whatever the fuck that is.

Blendtec: what is it?

Blendtec as previously mentioned is the brainchild of Tom Dickson, CEO and founder. They produce blenders. Blendtec blenders however are not made to make you a milshake and instead are more of a wolverine fucking blades of adamantium steel will cut your dick of and make you drink it blender.

Don't believe me?

You don't have too. We interviewd Dickson, quizzing him on his inherent hard on for fucking shit up in a blender, and this is what he had to say...

I hear you can blend a rake, fucking prove it;

Yes it blends

Alright Smart Ass, What about an Iphone?

Yes it blends

Guitar hero 3?

Yes it Blends

Barbies Dolls?

Suck it Ken

Alright, if you think your blender is all that and a bomb threat, make it blend itself. Fucker.

Alright, You Win