FML (fuck my life) is a website and a phrase used to signal distress. The severity of the FML has a massive range, and many are posted on, a website where people share stories, the entries beginning with today, and ending with FML

Just The Facts

  1. A place for people to bitch, whine and lie. Oh and to laugh at the bitchers. whiners and liars
  2. Although at the surface humorous, if read for too long can result in depression
  3. Has a new IPhone app, so you can laugh at other peoples misfortune on the go!

Comments is like calling your friends to complain about your life, except instead of offering sympathy, they mock you and argue about being the first to respond. Kind of like if your friends were D-Bags. The humorous thing is that with the advertising they have and the apps they have sold, the creators now have a shit load of cash, but also have one of the worst things imaginable: A website full of Emo kids and depressed people. I mean seriously, look at the entries, and actually read them. It's like watching a town made up of orphanages for puppies burn to the ground while being smashed by several trains moving in slow motion. It's sad just looking at it. A mixture of the good, the bad, and the unlucky. And since you cannot tell which ones are real and which ones are fake on your own, you must venture into... the comments section

Oooooh buttons!

Full of sympathy, anger, and Lulz, the comments section is almost as entertaining as the FML itself. within seconds after a post is made, there are cries of 'first!' and 'Damnit n00b' as people rush to claim superiority over the post, in some sort of barbaric coming-of-age ritual. once that is done with, there are a few apologies to the "OP (original poster)" that their life sucks, and soon conversations start up, at first about the post, and then they stray from the purpose of the comments and turn into their own secluded forum. *WARNING: PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO THE COMMENTS WILL RESULT IN LEACHING OF SOUL*

Oooooh buttons!

At the bottom of each post there are a few buttons, the main two being "I agree, your life sucks" and "You totally deserved it." There is also a button to retweet and a button to update the post to facebook. You can also seperate posts by origin. Up above are the buttons to sort the fmls, links, and a button that lets you moderate un checked posts. Like seeing the first music video on MTV (Video killed he radio star, by the Buggles) it is unlikely that you will moderate an FML that will make it to the front page, and any comments saying that the commenter did should be treated with suspicion.

And thats all on Goodnight, and good luck.