World War Z

World War Z is a book that provides many different views on society if a apocalypse would happen. Also, zombies.

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Just The Facts

  1. World War Z was written by Max Brooks.
  2. The book provides many different views from all levels of the social structure.
  3. This zombie apocalypse kind of sucks for humans.


In almost every other movie, book, and video game which is set in the zombie apocalypse, the characters are just normal people with guns with a lot of heart. In this book, these people are eaten right away. The book focuses mainly on soldiers (The professionals at killing things) while dealing with the fight against zombies. They lose horribly. Put any character from Left For Dead in the World War Z universe, and they will be eaten quickly.Weaklings.

The Battle of Yonkers (SPOILERS)

The Battle of Yonkers is the American government trying to win back the favor and increase the moral of the people after repeated battle failures. The government uses all of their explosives and the extent of their technology to draw a massive zombie horde through the streets of New York leading to a corner called Yonkers. What they overlooked is that the zombies can only die with a shot to the head, anything else is useless. If you haven't noticed, explosives don't aim for headshots. The soldier that tells the story of Yonkers says that the government that was planning the ambush was planning it poorly, with no snipers or regular soldiers posted on the rooftops or in the windows of all the buildings around them. After the soldiers start to flee, the government screws the whole project and drops a thermobaric bomb on the site, killing most of the remaining soldiers and destroying only a fraction of the zombies. Oh, and they gave them gas masks when the virus wasn't airborne. Seriously, what the hell is with the masks.


The audiobook for World War Z is read by the motherfucking Joker, Mark Hamil (Sometimes). A film is being made by paramount and is probably not going to be released anytime soon. The writer and producers have been switched around a few times. If a movie is made, it will probably be the greatest film ever made.......... fuck off.