Richard Dawkins

richard dawkins is the world's biggest dick and smallest penis

Just The Facts

  1. i have no problem with atheists
  2. unles they say stuff like religion is a mental condition and actually believe it
  3. richard dawkins should shut the fuck up
  4. given the tools, army, and influence this man could be capable of holocaust against anyone that is religous

the "god delusion" delusion

while belong to no definite sect of christianity, and see some flaws in each of them, i have to object to the book "the god delusion". while i know nothing about the book i can only assume it is him ranting about religion eating away at society. this guy is fred phelps exept that instead of taking christianity to the extreme he takes athiesm to the extreme. what he says is the right only way for a person to be allowed to live is why kommunist china invaded tibet.china is an atheist country!

do you think it is rational to pick fights with religous people? would it be rational to say the things you say when there are problems with extremist that exist today? and why make it worse by saying said extremists represent all religions? if rationality is a part of the gene code there are going to be people who are born without it becaus hey mutations happen.but to say that said mutation affects every one in the world because they are religious, then that is just stupid! if you were really rational you would stop making a fool of your self! sure the pope has commited crimes against humanity. but being the head of a religion is not one of them!