Human Centipede

the human centipede is meant to make life harder for movie theatre janitors

Just The Facts

  1. this horror show is a snuff film about a scientist who stitches people together mouth to anus
  2. i have to agree with gladstone that this is enough to freak out all of japan
  3. in all fairness the director got the idea while joking about how to punish child molestors

warning please direct mouth away from keyboard

Now I admit sometimes I may get a slight rush out of being disturbed, but when I saw this trailer on youtube I was completly freaked out. This trailer may even be the next 2 girls,1 cup(edit: i checked and it actually has). Seriously I have not been this disturbed since I saw lady gaga's spine.

The movie first came out in germany where the producers were not told the details of the mouth to anus part. What makes this guy worse is that he hired a doctor to make the movie medically acurate. So hypothetically someone could totally make this abomination INTO REAL LIFE.

I doubt any one will trust this guy after seeing this movie. If he tries to make a sequel i'm sure the producers will watch this and kick his ass to the street. so we wont haveto worry about a twelve person long human centipede movie coming out. OH DEAR LORD THE THOUGHT HURTS!!!!