You're on the Internet reading about exercise, which means you probably know of its existence in concept, but are unsure about its specific practicality. Let's take a journey of learning!

This is exercise.

This is sexy exercise.

This is you, after doing lots of sexy exercise. Pretty great, huh?

Just The Facts

  1. Being able to move is somewhat important. Exercise helps to ensure you retain this ability.
  2. We used to do tons of aerobics back when we had to chase things with spears. Now, not so much.
  3. The main reason to consider fitness is the direct ratio of fitness to coital rendezvouses.

Fitness And You

Okay. Let's do this. Let's exercise. Gonna definitely get some muscles. Pick up some babes. Maybe work on the old lats. Nah, probably better hit the delts first. Maybe do a little toning on those traps, if there's time. Now... just gonna get those weights out... maybe do a few.......... sets.




Hey, Young Frankenstein's on! Well, right after this. Totally.