Have a boner? Do you want to watch that movie? Do you like sluts? Then HBO is down wit it.

This is you on drugs you started because you didn't have HBO

Just The Facts

  1. Free porn
  2. Free movies
  3. Sex and the City was cancelled

The firts of HBO

Home Box Office was originally called the Green channel,(because everyone was enviromentally aware in the 70's). The first movie to ever be shown on HBO was called"Sometimes A Great Notion". If you never heard of it, give yourself a blowjob, you lucky basterd you.Almost immediately after the films end, the very first sports program, an NFL match between the New York Queens and Vancouver Fags. At the time, HBO was only broadcasted in Manhattan, Time Life corp. set up HBO in Lawrence,Massachusetts.Due to a low subscriber pecentage, HBO put a channel preview on channel 3. Too bad people were jacking off to channel 4. The preview idea actually worked and HBO got many many more subscribers they covered their themselves in cum.

The Followers of HBO:An Alliance

HBO already had many TV shows which I won't name because you probably never saw them,but everyone knows probably the most controversial show ever made. Imagine hordes business women leaving work and tons of hookers leaving the street corner just to see some stupid ho who's face looks like an ass and her trashy friends who fucked every man in town looking for shoes and fucking the same men they've already fucked. if you're not retarded you know I speak of Sex and the City.Carrie,Samantha,and two other bitches I don't know wasting half an hour of our time.But on the bright side it was cancelled. On the down side they made it a movie franchise.Da fuck.

The future

No more sluts.