An Undead Wedding

"An Undead Wedding" is a novella written by James H. Lucas, a man with serious issues.

The Book, In All It's Glory (Actually, it's a really shitty cover)

Like this, but with boobs.

Just The Facts

  1. "An Undead Wedding" is less than 200 pages, so you should be able to read it while taking a dump.
  2. The book is tragically overpriced, but there are ways around this. (Contact the author at
  3. This is not a good book to give Grandma (unless she likes zombies, in which case, you have a kick-ass Grandma).

Dearly Beloved...

Cheryl, a big, beautiful black woman, has been looking forward to her wedding day her whole life, and now that the big day has arrived, she's not going to let a little thing like the end of the world stand in her way. Armed only with a sword, a shotgun and the tattered remnants of her wedding party (including smart-mouth super geek best man Des, bridesmaid Katrina, her father and humble priest Father Romero) she will fight her way through the zombie-infested town to rescue her fianc�©. After all, love means never having to say rrrrrraaarrrrggghh!

The Critics Say...


"The humor in An Undead Wedding ranges from puns of all sorts to running gags that make you chuckle more and more the longer they go to laugh out loud moments in every chapter. In my eyes it is defiantly worth the read when you are in the mood for something equal parts funny, silly, and violent. "


"Let's cut to the chase: I loved reading An Undead Wedding by James H. Lucas...The whole book was a delight to read and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next....Go read this book!"