Bobobo-b Bo-bobo

what is this show? who the fuck might know? is it to to give the japanese a look through an american's eye? or is it their version of family guy?

Just The Facts

  1. one of the few non card-game and/or give-the-girl-an-orgasm-game based japanese shows
  2. the charachters fight hair hating nazis, usually in a peter griffin-esque way of breaking from the plot for random shit
  3. this show is suprisingly not that scary to me
  4. contains dangerous levels of randomness

an evaluation of bobobo bo bo bobo: dudemanpig's "how much sense won't this show make in america" test (patent pending)

this is just a sample of my 34 question test on anime shows and how they affect my perception of japan

  • breaks from plot often: all the fucking time
  • merchandisable card game:if by card game you mean acid tabs then hell yeah
  • cute creatures:yes
  • if answer was yes could it say nothing but its name:no
  • terrorists groups that even scoby doo could take down in the real world:yes
  • tentacle sex:no
  • violence: i didnt see any real violence but it was apparently banned in japan for being too violent
  • was it...wait did you say it was too violent for japan!?!:yup
  • so japan has a violence limit?:i guess

the previous two were not actually part of the test.

  • extensive use of japanese alpha bet: yes
  • perverted characters: yes but he was cut from the american version
  • perverted fanbase: i'd rather not find out
  • walking food items: yes
  • unnatural hair color: yes

now that you have seen a sample of questions here is a sample of a few of the seven scores.

  1. probability of spawning memes: medium
  2. levels of what the fuck:8
  3. terrifies the (blank) out of me: tom cruise
  4. effect on my perception of japan: they have some good acid.

since it only terrifies the tom cruise out of me as opossed to my previous subject ,duel masters, which scored terrifies the living son of a bitch shit out of me, i decided to go on you tube and research the show.

my anime acid trip. the findings of dudemanpig's bobobo youtube expedition.

45 seconds into the episode my mind was over whelmed by randomness but as i continued watching my mind adapted. bobobo bo bo bobo is family guy on steroids. exept instead of obscure cultural references its just obscure. i guess it wasnt that bad in fact it was pretty funny. im on youtube if any one needs me.

after trying to watch another episode dudemanpig was rushed to the hospital and was in a randomness induced coma for 2 days

ok im back from the hospital and the doctor says i cant watch any more bobobo bo bo bobo so i will move on to characters.

the criminally insane cast


the main character who uses nose hair as whips and has a great afro

don patch of the wtf mafia

i think he is a sun or something.he uses an onion as a sword.

dengaku man

his catchphrase was lost in translation to add to the shows randomness

jello jiggles

a guy made of blue gelatin and has regeneration powers.

if you want to see the full dudemanpig's"how much sense won't this show make in america" test you can just wait and i may get around to it