Hannibal Lecter

Few fictional criminals have captured the world's imagination and epitomize terror & elegance in one charming package. Never mind he eats people and never mind he fed a bad musician to his friends.

All Together - A Fairly Normal Guy

With Fava Beans & A Nice Chianti

Just The Facts

  1. Forensic Psychiatrist
  2. Cannibalistic Serial Killer
  3. Current Love Interest : Clarice Starling
  4. And if being a cannibal wasn't enough he was born with an extra middle finger
  5. The American Film Institute's Most memorable Villian In History

Hannibal The Man

We Don't know whether to love him or hate him - mostly because we're scared shitless. We know from the movies that the whole eating people thing started young and that it started with his sister. Its easy to say that if u mess with Hannibal Lecter, he wont need a knife, he could mind fuck you to death.

Peeling Off My Face: Seemed Like A good Idea At The Time! Peeling Off My Face: Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time!

Silence Of The Lambs

A hard movie to watch alone. (I'm a grown ass man, and even I'll say that). The entire movie, from start to finish is one humongous freak show. Jodie Foster with the accent that makes u want to punch her in the face. The serial killer nicknamed Buffalo Bill who tucks in his wang and dances to music from Q Lazzarus. After silence Of The Lambs I just can't watch Monk the same way again, imagining the chief saying to Tony Shalhoub, "would you fuck me?, I'd fuck me". It just weirds me out

Goodbye Horses?

Goodbye Horses?