Summer Solstice

do not read if you are a bat shit insane witchcraftaphobe

moments leading to the grand orgy

Just The Facts

  1. summer solstice is the longest day of the year
  2. at the end of summer solstice seth mcfarlane, gladstone, micheal bay, fredphelps, tom cruise, and satan sacrafice virgins to khorne and engage in a gay blood orgy
  3. witch craft is not real
  4. gladstone sucks

the summer solstice

the summer solstice is what happens when the sun gets its one day of the year where it gets to stay out late. however the downside is that hippies dance naked in the streets and idiots try to cast voodoo. however once every milenium a woman is impregnated with satan but we dont have to worry the last time baby satan was born was april 20th 1889.