Hurricane Celia

Hurricane Celia is the common nickname given to my friend Rob's Mother who has been known to blow everything around her.

Visual Approximation

Just The Facts

  1. Classified as a Category 5 cougar, with a estimated age of 52
  2. Totally hit it back in '06
  3. The rest of the Badminton Team hit it back in '06 as well

Cracked on Hurricane Celia

Like a fine wine, Hurricane Celia has only bettered with age. Much of this can be attributed to her freshly silicon-enhanced bosoms, funded by Beta Phi Delta's "Rebuilding Hurricane Celia" philanthropic effort. However, even previously to the improvements, Hurricane Celia managed to retain a remarkable level of attractiveness. Combined with her experience through age, a neglected childhood, and alcoholism, that attractiveness has allowed her to reach a near Goddess-level status among the peers of her son.

Effect on Rob

Hurricane Celia has had many adverse effects on my friend Rob's mental health throughout the years. Aside from the obvious pain and shame of having a whore mother, Rob recently revealed in most terrific irony that his grandparents were actually killed by the hurricane bearing the very same name in Florida in 1970. The narrowly missed Hurricane Celia of this 2010 Pacific Hurricane season has served in bringing to the forefront Rob's repressed feelings on these matters, with hilarity ensuing for most parties involved.

R.I.P. Jeff and Sue

R.I.P Jeff and Sue