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Welcome to everything you would ever wanted to know about Halle Berry, well, not everything, but most things, well... not most things. Here are some things you wanted to know about Halle Berry, enjoy!&

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Just The Facts

  1. Academy award winning actress, former fashion model and beauty queen.
  2. 2005 Sexiest Woman In The World - according to For Him Magazine(think that's just B.S? what were you doing in 2005?)
  3. Inducing international hard-ons since 1991.

Noteable Notes

Maria Halle Berry, later changed to Halle Maria Berry in 1971(good way to let your parents know they suck!) sports that incredibly hot bod which ensures that no matter how bad her acting is or may become, somehow we want to keep watching her movies. No, it's not like those reruns of Family Matters where we're sickened and curious at the same time, knowing how bad it's going to be but, we Just...Can't...Change... The... Channel(man I hate myself for that).

When Halle plays those career ending characters like, Miss Rosetta Stone in The Flintstones and Catwoman in Catwoman(which she got the worst actress award for and proudly accepted btw) her "fuck you, so what if I suck!" attitude and the ability to go from sour Berry to sweet Berry has captured our attention again and again.

Halle Berry is true testament that even when you're terrible at something you can make it appear a lot better by showing off your boobs. That reminds me, I need another copy of Swordfish.

Besides having melons that could make the pope drool, there is just something about Halle that Hollywood can't get enough of, is it the hair? Is it the way she talks?The way she plays with Twizzler in her mouth? We don't know and we don't care, acting is not all about acting. I Mean did any of u guys notice her bad performance in Die Another Day? I didn't. All I saw was Halle Berry back flipping off a cliff, in a swimsuit. And that's good enough for me.

Pictured: Why the world will remember Halle Berry

Pictured: Why the world will remember Halle Berry

Jungle Fever

This one started the whole damn thing. Jungle Fever came to screen in 1991(when I was how old?, Jesus H.C) Directed by Spike Lee and starred Wesley Snipes(yep, Mr. Tax Evasion himself). Now, I have not seen this movie myself. Not because I can't fiind it, but because I dont want to see it. But, according to my online friend and yours, Wikipedia, The plot centers on the interracial romance between a successfully married African American man, Flipper Purify (Snipes), and an Italian-American woman. The lovers come under intense pressure from their friends and family as a result of their relationship. The title of the film refers to the sexual attraction between whites and blacks(No laughing, this some serious shit man). They however, don't seem to mention what role our beloved Berry played except for the name "Vivian".

This movie not only started Halle Berry's career but gave the world that whole "I Got Jungle Fever" crap(yeah? you got jungle fever? I hope you get The Ebola Virus instead)

Mmmm, Sexy! right?

The X-Men Thrilogy

I'm sure that even now as you read this article, you experience streams of joy like the first time you saw X-Men on the big screen(in addition to the sweaty palms and clenched butt). The Action, the powers, and of course the Berry. Halle played the part of storm, a sexy, emotional woman who could kick your ass in at least three different ways. You know, she was like a woman with pms on steroids. In addition to the powers of lightning and wind, Storm seemed to possess the powers of bad ass hairstyle morphing throughout the three films(you think the professor was her hairdresser? I like to think about the things that the movie never tell us). Starting in 2001 and ending in 2006 X-Men has become one of the highest grossing franchises of all time, even pulling a spinoff X-Men: The Origins Of Wolverine. Showing us once and for all that Wolverine is a douche. Although Hugh Jackman and his always pissed off character overshadowed her, Halle was never the less able to make Storm a memorable character.

Lets not forget the costume

Monster's Ball

Three words - Billy Bob Thornton (what a cunt). so let me get this right Puffy's executed in jail, Heath Ledger shoots himself and Billy Bob Thornton floor bangs Halle Berry. Its like fucking Superman bezarro world or something. What kind of fuked up casting was that? Are we supposed to learn something from all this? Is there some kind of underlying moral question that is answered? We may never know cause we can't stop saying What The Fuk!! over and over again. Don't ever watch this movie - you'll never get the images out of your head(sometimes... at night... i can still hear the moaning)

here's a brilliant idea: let them have sex

007: Die Another Day

This Is The Best 007 ever - "Psyche", no, it totally sucked, the plot, the actors, the storyline(probably done by one of the writers 10 year old kid). But she certainly made the $8.00 ooh soo worth it.

Best Screenshots From 007:Die Another Day

Pictured:best action of the movie

When this movie arrived in theaters back in 2002 Im sure Desomnd Llewelyn must have been turning in his gave...

Had He Seen It The Gun Would Have Been Pointed At His Own Head

Wait! Wait! Just when you thought that was it: more bare breasted action to come:-

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