The mule is the greatest animal in the history of the world. If you disagree, you must be fucking crazy.

How mules are formed.

Pictured: A mother fucking mule, pussy.

Just The Facts

  1. When a horse and a donkey fuck, they make a mule.
  2. I jack off to mules.
  3. Mules are got damn sexy.
  4. Don't fuck with a mule or it'll rape you...WITH IT'S DIIIIICK!

Understanding the "Mule"

In the history of the world, we have seen a lot of crazy mother fucking animals. We've seen fucking dinosaurs, crazy ass giant centipedes, and even more crazy ass mother fucking shit (asshole). A mixture of donkey, horse, and mother fuck, don't fuck with the mule's shit. While alone, the horse is just some fast pussy and the donkey is just some whiney fuck with a huge dick, when these two come together they make one of the baddest dudes in the animal kingdom. There's a reason the United States hasn't lost a war in which mules were used, and that's because they're bad ass motherfuckers.

According to the internet, the mules were used in cavalries and shit, and then, according to that dumb shit site Wikipedia made by scientiests who are probably nazis, they pretty much lost all use after World War II. But fuck Wikipedia. The mule isn't your slave. The real reason those pussies stopped using the mule was because of the bloody mess that was their ballsack after trying to ride one.

Oh, you don't believe me, do you? What would it take for me to prove to you that the Mule is the baddest piece of dick in the world? How about a mule killing a fucking mountain lion.

Holy dick! My balls just exploded!

Holy dick! My balls just exploded!

Okay, I admit, the donkey didn't actually kill the mountain lion. It was already dead, but that donkey looks damn sexy throwing around that vanquished pussy's dead body. While that mule didn't actually kill that mountain lion, it knew damn well what it was doing. By blatantly dishonoring the dead lion, it was sending a message to all mountain lions in the area, and that message was : "I WILL FUCK YOU UP!" If it didn't work, then why didn't that mule get attacked by a mountian lion after that?! Exactly. Bitches.

A Warning to the World

You all just think you're so cute, don't you? "Oh look at me, I'm Mr. Nazi Wikipedia Scientist! Watch me clone a mule, I'm so fucking funny!" Fuck you!

Go on. Clone the mules. Continue your condescending attitude towards the mules. One day, they will rise up. Continue your treatment of the mules, and the world will become a wasteland, dominated by mother fucking mules who will fuck your shit and rape your dick.

Why Mules are Better than Ligers

Mules are infinitely better than every animal, really, but especially those pussy Ligers. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. Mules were used in wars. Have Ligers been used in wars? No. Why? Because, deep down, they're got damn pussies.

2. Mules have huge dicks.

3. Mules are cuter. Just look at them. They're fucking adorable.

Magestic Well-Trained Killer

Stupid clumsy coward with a small dick