Oscar Pistorius

-Under Construction-Oscar Pistorius is a professional runner whose own body is lacking legs. But he's not handicapped or disabled. He's superhuman.

The fastest man on no legs. He may as well be a fucking superhero. Tremble before his mighty underwear.

Just The Facts

  1. Oscar Pistorius is missing part of his legs, which end below the knee.
  2. He's also pro runner and an Olympic-level athlete. And not the Special kind.
  3. Thanks to his carbon fiber transtibial artificial legs, he can now move faster than a "normal" human being.
  4. You can't beat him in a race.

Born With Iron Will

Oscar Pistorius was born with congenital deformity of his legs, and they were amputated just before he was a year old.

He didn't let it slow him down at all. By the time he was 11, he had started playing rugby, water polo, and tennis. Yes, with no feet.

He eventually injured his knee, and had to go into physical rehabilitation. This led to him having to run, which he discovered he liked a lot.

"...but when there is a race to run; mild mannered Oscar Pistorius changes into the unstoppable legendary Blade Runner!"

New Legs

In 2004, he got an upgraded pair of "blades" as they are called; the "Cheetah Flex-Foot" artificial limb, to be specific.

After 3 years of practice with them, he was ready to compete. The problem was, he was told that he had an unfair advantage over full-bodied athletes! By their reasoning, his prosthetics didn't just make up for the feet he lacked; they were seen as an extra advantage. But what could he do? Take them off? It quickly became an absurd situation.

This could only be more impressive if he was somehow on fire and shitting out lasers.