Google Caffeine

It's a monday morning. Your eye-lids are taped up. You stand at the coffee machine, and then it happens... a jolt, a spill, and your coffee is now on someone's shirt. This was the biggest motivation for Google’s latest innovation - Google Caffeine.

Please, don't try this at home... its fine at work

What is Google Caffeine?

So Google claims that "Google Caffeine" is a new generation search engine that's faster (about twice as fast as the regular Google), more accurate, more temporally relative in returning real time results and feeds, and returns a larger index size on searches. But who are we kidding here. This is just a facade! The real minds at google are working on something more diabolical. Its actually a top secret project, details of which are unpublished, sketchy and dismissed as urban legends and rumors. But we at Cracked feel its our duty to let everyone know about the real Google Caffeine project.