Fictional Corporations

Big companies in movies always seem to have one goal; Make as much money as horribly as possible, and fuck everyone else. Okay, so that's 2.

Just The Facts

  1. Fictional Corporations are completely without morals.
  2. They build monstrosities like the Licker and RoboCop
  3. Fictional Corporations make awesome (and zombies!)

Cracked on Fictional Corporations

Corporations in fiction are evil. It's an unwritten rule that they all must do awful things; The Umbrella Corporation, OCP, Cyberdyne, Armacham Technology Corp; they all fall into two prerequisite categories:

  • They go through ridiculous measures to make money
  • They would gladly feed babies and kittens into a chipper shredder if it moderately increased their profit margin slightly.

While the scope of their cosmic sodomy varies, all fictional companies are evil. (Yes, even Willy Wonka was a callous asshole)