Moon is a 2009 film directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. As lone technician on an otherwise automated Helium-3 facility on the Moon, Sam Bell maintains the facility and collects the H3 for transport back to Earth.

They put this guy in charge of a billion-dollar mining facility.

We were talking about Earth's moon, in case you were confused.

Sciency stuff, or why anybody cares about Helium-3

Just The Facts

  1. Moon explores the lengths evil energy corporations (there are no good energy companies in Hollywood's mind) will go to make a profit.
  2. Sam Bell is a likable character, although he's fraying on the edges from spending three years alone.
  3. Kevin Spacey provides the voice of Gerty, the on-board Artificial Intelligence computer, which helps explain why Sam is fraying on the edges.

Why Moon Is Worth Watching

Moon is an unusual film in that it succeeds in telling a compelling story on a tight budget (5 million USD). While hardly breaking new ground in the science fiction arena, Moon's strength comes from the performance of technician Sam Bell, who seems to be experiencing some disturbing mental problems as his three-year contract draws to a close.

Adding to Sam's personal problems are the fact that realtime communication is down, necessitating recorded messages only, and Gerty, the laconic computer, seems to have the best interest of the company ahead of that of his human charge. Still, Sam goes about his daily routine, concentrating on the reunion of himself with his gorgeous Aussie wife and his toddler daughter, whom he has never met.

Note: This is a spoiler-free article. Revealing much more would instantly ruin the film if you've not seen it. Trust me.