League Of Legends

League of Legends is proof that you can get amazing games for free without bittorrent.

Yet another impossible to read flowchart. Switching to thermal...

Just The Facts

  1. League of Legends is a downloadable client based game
  2. It is completely free (no premium member bullshit either)
  3. It's a good way to avoid doing school work (more on this below)

Just what is this?

This is Spartaaa!!!

This is pretty much just another game. You can get it here, but getting an internet connection is your problem. This is a competitive team deathmatch style game where everyone is a "summoner" and they're trying to kill each other. They do this by summoning "champions" (unfortunately no Batman) because for some reason they cannot deal with their problems themselves. From there, the Champions beat the hell out of each other. You'd think they'd have something better to do with their time.

About that...

Oh. Right.

The population

One of the biggest complaints I hear about of Xbox Live is the high population of kids who have no clue what sex is but they shoot off the word "f****t" like some kind of machine gun. To my knowledge, there are no cases of people hopping on this game and yelling "shit" and "crap" like they have some kind of fetish with what they made in their pants. However, like anything online, there are still whiners and assholes.

This had to come from somewhere, right?

Steve "Guinsoo" Feak

This game came from something else called Defense of the Ancients. The guy in the picture, Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, worked on that for some time and then went over to Riot Games.There's obviously more to it than that.

As the writer of this topic, I feel that I would be doing you wrong if I completely left out the full history. Click here to see it.

Remember what I said about it being a good way to avoid work?

This section is mainly for students and the like, be it grade school or college. So if you're a student, pay attention.


Although easily ignored, League of Legends has lots of numbers. Don't look so surprised or afraid. Lots of games have numbers in them. Played a videogame today? It had numbers in it.

Lots of Numbers here

What you do with those numbers is up to you, but they can be calculated if you feel like being some kind of super nerd. Now consider the following: would you rather read boring books that make you fall asleep, or would you rather be on this website? The fact that you're reading this...

You know those people who think the War of 1812 was in 1967 but they can tell you about every person Mike Tyson ever pulverized? This illustrates the basic concept that people are more likely to remember things that they actually give a f*ck about. If you want to be able to murder your enemies with brutal precision, math skills will be required. Unlike bookwork, you actually want to do this. Hence, this is why I can say without fear of refute that you will learn more by playing this game (or most any other game for that matter) than what you will learn in at least one of your classes.

I got your education right here pal