He's baaaaaack...

Just The Facts

  1. Recovery is Eminem's triumphant return to the realm of "not sucking" which he vacated in 2004.
  2. Originally called Relapse 2, the name of the album was changed to reflect the new direction he was taking.
  3. His last two albums are better drug deterrents than any PSA.
  4. There are no skits or celebrity-bashing singles on this album. Better for it? You be the judge.

The road to 'Recovery'

Eminem's new album is the shit. In comparison, Relapse was just a sputtering fart and Encore was a severe case of constipation. This phenomenal artist is back at the top of his game, clean and sober. Already met with critical acclaim prior to its official release, this album proves that Eminem is still packed full of potential. Thankfully, it's in a smaller package this time around.

Slim Shady my ass!

Personal problems abound, Em really let himself go for a few years. Now that he's had some time to work it out and kick his cheeseburger sleeping pill addiction, he's found his way back to full fighting form both mentally and physically.

What you can expect from this album

Once again, Eminem has proved himself a wordsmith in the truest sense, weaving metaphors into complex rhyming sequences. His passion is back in his voice.

"I spit hot fiya!"

Also, he dropped that ridiculous accent that made most of Relapse unbearable. What kind of accent was that anyway? It sounded like he had something pressed up against his face like-

Recovery is both an apology and a promise to his fans to keep producing quality music. The guest appearances made for many of the album's highlights with Pink, Kobe, Lil Wayne, and Rihanna lending their voices. Perhaps they should have got even more because Em is weakest when he attempts to sing. Still, he lands on his feet every time. You know you've produced a quality album when your fans aren't wearing out their skip buttons looking for your single. Eminem is back and hopefully here to stay.