O-Town, to the dismay of anyone who linked here from Google, is not a film on orgasms. It is a boy band formed in 2000. The band is made of Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, and a guy named Ashley.

This album went platinum with two top-ten singles, one of which was about DREAM SEX

If I ever meet Diddy, I'm gonna have to ask him how he feels when he wakes up in the morning...

Just The Facts

  1. The band was formed for the first season of the MTV reality show Making The Band (Hosted and produced by P. Diddy).
  2. Their first single, "Liquid Dreams", peaked at number 10 on U.S. charts and number 1 on Canadian charts
  3. The Irish boy band Westlife covered O-Town's single "All Or Nothing" on their 2006 album, titled The Love Album.
  4. They performed on TEENick's for a live concert special in 2002 to promote their second album, O2. And they played volleyball.
  5. After the band was un-made in 2001, Ashley Parker-Angel went on to release a solo album and guest-starred on an episode of Handy Manny... I'm serious.
  6. No, Erik is not that guy from CHiPs...

Musical Style

O-Town's style of music usually ranges from NSync-esque boy band numbers to NSync-esque boy band numbers with a little bit of Incubus thrown in the mix, and sometimes delves off to Incubus-esque rock ballads with a little bit of NSync thrown in the mix just to fuck with your heads.

Their lyrics can usually be divided easily into one of four categories...

a) Cheesy boy band love ballads that make you die a little inside because they're so sad... My girlfriend never really loved me... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

b) Songs about sex (Did I mention that they performed on TEENick?).

c) Cheesy boy band love ballads that make you die a little inside because they're so sad... About sex.

d) Songs featured in Pokemon movies. No seriously... They even have it in Danish! It's down in the links section!

If a song doesn't fall into one of these categories, then it falls into secret category-e, which is, of course, a jar of almonds.

The Singles

"Liquid Dreams"- The first single from the debut album, O-Town. It's a song about sex. In dreams. With Frankenstein-combinations of random celebrities that are famous enough to be known from just their first names. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

"All Or Nothing"- Alice likes Bob. Alice gets in a relationship with Bob. Bob breaks up with Alice. Steve likes Alice. Steve gets in relationship with Alice. Alice still likes Bob. Steve responds with this song which peaked at number 3 on the U.S. charts, making this the bands greatest hit, and in parallel, Steve's. Nice work, Steve.

"We Fit Together"- This song starts off nice enough. A happy, upbeat, little category-e song... You can dance to it, and it's probably prone to get stuck in your head after a couple times of hearing it. But then, if you pay close attention. it starts to fade away and reveal itself as a cleverly hidden category-b (That you can dance to, and is probably prone to get stuck in your head after a couple times of hearing it). That's right, the same band that did the song "Liquid Dreams" managed to cleverly veil that this song was about sex (Albeit for a full half-a-minute)! Also, it was featured in Dr. Dolittle 2.

"Love Should Be A Crime"- Remember Alice and Bob? Well, this song gives us some background as to why Bob broke up with Alice in the first place... Because Alice was a bitch and doesn't understand what "Love" is. Steve can have her, goddamn! Also, the song uses the word "Baby" more than that one by that Bieber kid... What was the name of it? Oh, well... I'm sure it'll come to me later...

"These Are The Days"- Until the pre-chorus, you could barely recognize that this is a boy band. It has actual instruments playing in the background, and a majority of the song is composed of solos from Erik and Trevor. It falls under category-a quite nicely. What? You wanted a joke here? Well, too fucking bad... I can't be expected to put a stupid joke about how funny a last name "Penick" is in EVERY paragraph!

"I Showed Her"- Ahhhh, break-up songs... They amuse me so, because they usually involve someone being hurt emotionally, and other people's misfortunes are funny to me. This song takes a typical approach to the break-up song though. Typical: "Hey, breakin' up with you... We cool?" O-Town: "Welp... I broke up with you... Um... I'm so lonely...." ICP: "Fuckin' fuck fuck of fuck, seeya bitch, fuck shit."

Editor's Picks- Yeah, Y'see This? You Don't Get To Pick Shit 'Cause You're Not The Editor

"The Painter"- This song is quite possibly the CHEESIEST SONG OF ALL TIME!!! Seriously, someone get whoever wrote this song (These guys are famous from a reality show, so of course THEY don't write their own material) a medal! There has to be a cheesiness award or something! I have to look that up now!

"Ever Six Seconds"- Hey, did you know that the average male thinks of sex every six seconds? Also, a woman gives birth somewhere in the world every ten seconds. Thus, if my geography pop-culture trivia math is correct, I am led to assume that sex lasts on average four seconds, and if you can last any longer than that, you're doing good.

"Make Her Say"- Well... It's upbeat... It's pop-y... It has heavy instrumental in the background... And the chorus claims that the member want to make her ("Her" being a female, for those of you who are confused by common pronouns) "Say uh-nananana! Uh! Oh! Oh! Nananana!" Now, I cannot think of any activity in which a male would make a female make random incoherent noises of pleasure, so I'm led to assume that this song is completely innocent and move on to my next pick.

"Craving"- This is one of the few category-c songs in their vast discography (2 albums). It's also one of my personal favorites, and thus... Um... Well, I don't really know what to say here... So... Here's a picture of a cat.

Look at it! It's a fuckin' cat! Fuckin' adorable!