FIFA Soccer (game)

The world's most popular football simulation game, it holds that title far above the competition with groundbreaking innovations with each new edition. Let's take a look at it shall we?

The latest, greatest ORIGINAL FIFA flavour.

Just The Facts

  1. Only in America is it referred to as FIFA Soccer. The rest of us just call it FIFA.
  2. Undoubtedly EA's most popular franchise, arguably the world's best-selling game.
  3. Available in five "flavours". Original, Street, Euro, World Cup and Manager. Original is by far the most played.

Basic concept

Take ten men and one goalkeeper (many doubt the actual species of the "goalkeeper), give them a ball. Tell them that with the exception of the aforementioned GK, they can't touch the ball with any portion of their arms/hands. Inform them that the object is to get the ball into the goal, situated on the other end of the pitch, but add eleven more for opposition, facing the opposite direction with the same basic aim. Say that whoever scores more goals, wins the glory and affection of the masses... But remind them that just as there is only ONE ball... There can only be ONE winner.

Prepare for warfare.

Slight False Advertising

Okay, it's not quite like that. It's virtual, it's beautiful, there's no fighting unless you count any of Walter Samuel or Nemanja Vidic's tackles in the game... Grief, they're horrible. The game itself is actually more like this. The 2009 intro video showcased the best of the game's history just about:

Awesome wasn't it? Onto the actual article.

Vanilla FIFA, the original flavour.


You control them ALL.

The ultimate battle of wits and skill, it's the perfect meeting ground of theory and practical application. Pick one of over FIVE HUNDRED teams in 31 different leagues from all over the world, grab a friend or six and let the methodical madness begin.

Different kinds of original FIFA players:

  • Timid Thomas: the kind of irritating malingerer who sits back, defends and passes around his own defence the entire game and ventures forward only when there's ABSOLUTELY no risk involved, frequently wins 1-0, 2-0 or loses through an approach backfire with scores usually hitting upside of 2-0. Remember, once you breach his defence once, it throws him off for the rest of the game. Works for us to exploit, right?
  • Aggressive Adam: the guy that knows no other way but to attack, attack and attack. Not much to say about this character, but he either wins by large margins or loses by larger margins than even Timid Thomas up there. Expect to win or lose by 3-0 or more. His weakness is quite usually playing keep-away, or for us of South African origin... "hondjie" (pronounced: hoyn-key). Frustrate him into making mistake. Easy enough.
  • Intimidating Imran: firstly, note my own name in the title of this one. I tend to follow a well-balanced play dynamic, despite my characteristic 3 defender policy. This kind of player tends to win the game in the midfield and distribute from there, eating precious time/scoring at will. Disrupt his center-mid pair and his entire gameplan is interrupted. Extremely rare for them not to score. Expect to lose heavily, sometimes up to 8-0 or win it 2-1 or 3-1.

Anyhow, as perfect as the latest vanilla game may be, it isn't without its glitches and bugs...

But I digress...

Out on the Street

Kung Faux

The Socceroos are just as confused about the French as we are.

Notice that I put up a picture from FIFA Street 2. Don't get me wrong, 3 is the latest and it is fun... BUT...

Not ayoba.

Ayoba (pronounced eye-yor-bah) is a word meaning cool. The samba might be, but that isn't. It happens EVERY TIME WE TRY IT AT AN ALL NIGHTER. Irritating.

FIFA Street 2 was loved through and through because it felt a lot more realistic. Maybe not in the sense of Gamebreakers, but come one, come all, just about everybody around here loves a game of street soccer. So who wouldn't love FIFA Street 2? Anyone that doesn't needs urgent castration. Create yourself and embark on a journey of self-improvement and hiring/firing various professional legends and villains of the soccer pitch to embarrass, thrash the opposition and thoroughly prove yourselves the best team around. Think Wild West, the meanest, leanest hombres this side of the pacos. Without the guns. But still awesome!

Internazion... I mean international.

Firstly, I hate you, FC Internazionale of Milan. With all my being. That being said. International FIFA has been a side-attraction after the original game in '94. Not really worth covering, but for the sake of those unsure, I will say it's usually a more Arcade-style feel to the game with literally ANYONE with even mild motor skills being able to play the latest iteration, 2010 World Cup South Africa or whatever it's called. Quite usually frowned on by fans of the vanilla flavour due to the oversimplicity of the task at hand.

"One button's tackle/pass? The other's shoot?"... Too easy. Even after the settings are relatively painstakingly changed to original FIFA glory, it's still got that feeling of being cheated/watered down somewhat. No idea why. Ah well.

Mr. Manager...

In the brutal world that is football management... One game rules the roost so to speak. That game is:


That's right. It's not even by EA. Get hold of this game and vanilla FIFA 10 NOW!