To advance, Human society needs great leaders. Instead, we have high-powered hyper-egotistical apes in suits. If you are interested in becoming either of the above, this is the place for you.

Just The Facts

  1. Great leaders seek to understand people.
  2. Great leaders build great teams.
  3. Great leaders resist the urge to hurl feces at everyone.

Hallmarks of Great Leaders

Hierarchy is a distinct feature of multicellular life on Earth. Humans especially thrive on the presence of strong leaders who can challenge, reward, and inspire others to rise to their maximum potential.

Keep in mind that being a lazy moron is one such level of potential.

This page is your guide to becoming a great leader, so that your particular family of apes will become the crème de la crème of our greater population of feces flingers. Your secondary objective, should you fail to become a great leader, is to at least look better in a suit than the other apes occupying your level of human hierarchy.