Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin was the most badass/successful conservationist and he's from Australia. Nuff said

Just The Facts

  1. Was a famous conservationalist, Australian, tv personality, and actor.
  2. Said things like "crikey!!!!" or she's a beauty!"
  3. Did more things for the world of conservation in one year that PETA could ever do since the time they were created.
  4. Had a snail named after him
  5. Was actually a fan of MMA amoung other badass things like soccer, rugby, and surfing. Oh and wrestling fucking crocodiles who could kill him.
  6. Died the most unlikey of deathes of all the dangerous animals he encountered a sting ray on september 4 2006.

Early life

Badass, peace-loving roots:

Born to Lyn and Bob Irwin(already animal know-how badasses) on febuary 22, 1962. As a child grew up around repitles and other animals his parents helped rehibilitate. So as a child the man got various hands-on tasks on taking care of dangerous animals no one would try to tackle. Effectively either making him that weird hippie or a complete god to his classmates at school.

Marrige, family, and career peek.

Wife Terri Irwin:

While preforming a show at the Australian Zoo which he owned he met Terri Raines from Eugene, Oregon. They later clamed it was loved at first sight. She was also the only conservationist women to give simultanious orgasms to male teenage animal lovers (I am member of that group) worldwide.


Has a daughter named Bindy Sue Irwin born on July 24, 1998 who apparently is carrying on the tradtion. Her name also comes from Bindi a saltwater crocodile and Sui a staffordshire bull terrior who was abeloved pet of the Irwin family died in 2004. Also has a young son Robert Clarence Bob Irwin on December 1, 2003. Steve got him a little close to a crocodile once but the baby wasn't in any danger.


While operating the family own Australian Zoo he stared in shows dedicated to helping wild animals around the world while spreading the Irwin's style of conservation. The shows he stared in were the Crocodile Hunter, the Croc Files, Crocodile Hunter: Diaries, the Wiggles, and a few other small parts in various documenteries. Stared in several movies as well Dr Dolittle 2, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (based on his tv show), and Happy Feat.


September 4, 2006

While filming a documentary Steve Irwin was fatally pierced by the tail of a sting ray also due to some idiot who ensured his death when someone jerked out the barbed sting ray tail stinger. Of all the animals this man fucked with for conservation this is what killed him. It's pretty fucked up. It caused world wide shock after the news of his death. In Australia several news websites were temperarely shut down due to so much traffic. Alot people also got pissed off at the sting rays since ten dead sting rays were found dead in Queensland, Australia. Friends and family of Steve urgently asked them to stop on the news.

The man was a legend and a icon.