Viva Pinata

hey kids wanna play minigames with adorable paper mache animals?then dont play this game hey kids want to raise and break up families of adorable paper mache animals? then play this game

Just The Facts

  1. viva pinata not a good gift to get unless you are a 'it's better they learn now' parents who want to show little timmy how the realworld works before he is 5
  2. it is a game about raising living pinatas on a farm...
  3. ...and then taking the baby pinatas and packing them in a truck to be smashed to death by little juan at his sister's quinceanera
  4. when you want to make your pinatas lay eggs you need to solve a maze for some reason

dudemanpig on viva pinata

viva pinata is alot like is about capturing animals, forcing them to mate, and using their children for monetary gain. however in this game instead of using the children to mug people who attack you for no reason, you just cram them in a truck to be beaten by little mexicans until their stomachs open spilling out hersheys and nerds ropes.

also like pokemon if you make them eat certain things (approval of peta opptional) they mutate into other pinatas. you can also some times make them work in mines. there are all sorts of pinatas that have horrible puns for names that you can enslave but for some reason they cant just be crammed into a ware house so you have to buy habitats for them.