Glee is a show on FOX that revolves around music and dance. It's basically for adult gay's who loved High School Musical but are too ashamed to admit it. Glee is your outlet for gay.

High School Musical is for young gays, Glee is for us older gays.

Just The Facts

  1. Glee is awesome.
  2. If you agree with the above statement you're gay. (Its a fact so you have to agree)
  3. FOX will drop it because of fact one. (And fact two because FOX hates equal rights.)


Glee is a new music and dancing show on FOX that will no doubt be canceled because FOX hates anything that the general public enjoys, like unbiased news. The character breakdown goes like this; hot cheerleaders, jocks, a wheelchair kid, a gay kid, a sassy black girl, a quiet Asian girl, a bitch wife, a Jew, an OCD guidance counselor, and a sensitive teacher. The sensitive teacher tries to change their lives by bringing them all together with the power of music. Glee takes place in a magical high school universe where the cheerleaders wear their uniforms every single day and the cliche is alive and well. The problems the high school kids have also allude to bigger problems in life, which is shown through the problems that the sensitive teacher has at home. Things everyone can relate to like a wife pretending to be preggers and people throwing slushies on other people. This show is more adult in the scenarios such as premature ejaculation in a hot tub, you know...real life situations...

A Flow Chart and Pie Graph


FOX and Disney fighting for the gay share of the market.

Glee is a clear bid by FOX for the "High School Musical" crowd, but for adults. Fox is trying to weasel its way in but it doesn't compare just because of Disney's pure volume alone. You cant have only one gay show and expect it to compete...

There is no competing with Disney in the gay category. They will always pull the Jonas Brothers trump card!

FOX has done the right thing though, it is a small step in the right direction. FOX is the Rosa Parks while Disney is the Malcolm X of gay TV. But there is room to grow FOX, don't give up hope!

Im'a spank that ass Malcolm X!

In Closing

Liking the formulaic Glee means you're gay, everyone loves Glee, all of America is gay. OK lets push these equal rights through ya bunch of gays, sit back, relax, suck a dick, and put Glee on.

Side Note

I realize that this is the topic of "Glee!" with an exclamation point. There is another topic for Glee on here but I didn't really care since mine was more leaning towards comedy. I adopted the topic and then realized it and have no idea if this added punctuation meant something different. So I just went ahead and wrote about the TV show. I figured I might as well write about something I like and make fun of it and the other people who like it. I couldn't find anything on something different unless it meant actual glee clubs, but who gives a fuck about those anyways...