T Shirts

The cloth casing in which flab and poor tattoo decisions are nestled safely behind. The T Shirt can be a great tool to convey ones beliefs and opinions, no matter how retarded they may be.

A rainbow of T shirts. Fabulous!

Most of you probably don't even see the joke. You just see boobs.

Some are a bit on the...I...I don't know how to describe this...

Just The Facts

  1. The T Shirt was invented by a man named T.S. Hirtwearer... not really, but you didn't know that.
  2. In todays culture a T shirt can be worn for any occasion, from posh red carpet affairs to throwing back some brewskies at the bar.
  3. As many guys know, dirty T shirts can be re-worn. Just spray some Febreeze on that sucker and its ready for another day!

Oh Shirt!

Since the dawn of time, the T Shirt has always been a part of the average man and woman's wardrobe, be they a phony-as-hell celebrity or your average working class jack-off. And why not? They are simple, inexpensive, and easy to care for. But what kind of T-shirt is right for you? Well, hold on to those man breasts and wipe the cheeto dust of your fingers, because your going on a 50% cotton, 50% polyester journey! Weeeeee!

The Shirt of a Different Color

1. The classic T-

This is as basic as it gets. Clean cut, even, and usually within budget. You could go to Wally World or any other retailer and buy literally shit loads of shirts in every flavor without breaking the bank, 'cause we're in a recession dammit!

2. The V-Neck-

The V-neck is a weapon that should be used sparingly, lest you look like some sort of Jersey Shore Douche. Only to be worn in the Summer time on particularly hot days or when you get that bitchin' broken heart/pirate ship tattoo on your chest. Your hardcore! (*snicker*)

3.The Beefy T-

The beefy T is tailored for the specifications of, duh, beefy dudes. They have more of a tapered design to enhance the bod's of gay guys and Gym douches. Not that theres anything wrong with being gay. Unless your a gay douche.

4.The Holy T-

No, this isn't a Shirt with a impression of Jesus on it or anything, this is that raggedy, worn out, full of random holes T shirt that your wear around the house. Even though it has a few snags and stains, it is still comfortable as hell and still does it job well.

5. The Expensive for no damn reason T-

My name is Tad, and I'm totally dark and stuff...

This would be your Gucci, Polo, D&G, or any high end brand T shirt. Though its understandable why many of they're other peices might be on the costly side with all the effort and materials that go into them, but the bottom line is that its still just a DAMN COTTON T SHIRT WITH YOUR LOGO!

6. The Mr.T

Quit starin' at my shirt FOOL!

This is the shirt that you wear when you pity fools, and go on insane missions with your rag-tag crew of mercanaries. Can often be accesorised with obscene amounts of gold chains and a shweet mohawk. Not for the timid.

Well, I hope that was informative enough. Now go get yourself some T Shirts and quit looking like a slob!