Tecmo Super Bowl

What better way to follow up the most fun football game of all time? This had it all, officially licensed teams and players, Lots of stats, and way more animations. That is until Madden came along and decided that football needed to be realistic.

Just The Facts

  1. This is the follow up to the classic NES and arcade game Tecmo Bowl
  2. This game was released in 1991 for the NES and was ported to the SNES, Genesis, PS1, and a version on XBLA.
  3. It was one of the first games to feature actual NFL teams and players names
  4. Bo Jackson will run you the fuck over!
  5. Madden is the devil!

The Memories

Sitting with your friends on the couch fighting over who would be the Raiders or the Giants, a small fight breaks out. You remind your friend that he got to play as Bo Jackson the last time and he promised the next time you could play as the Raiders. Then he reminds you of that picture he has of you from the sleepover, the one where they dumped water on you so it looked like you pissed yourself. Then you sit your ass down and pick the Giants. Ahhh sweet memories indeed.

Why it's Awesome

In a more simplistic time we had only eight plays to choose from, four running plays and four passing plays. There was no audibling out of a play or choosing receiver routes, you had to have balls then. Pick a play and that's it you're stuck with it. This was a great system because everyone can just pick it up and play within minutes. You don't have to cycle through forty to fifty plays which can also be flipped or customize your offensive line before the play. Defense works the same way, four run blocks and four pass blocks. Now if you pick a passing play and the defense picks a run block, you can bet you'll have receivers open somewhere and you'll have all day to pass. Pick a run defense against a run and your defense should stuff them like grandma's turkey. It's, at its core, like a game of rock, paper, scissors except manlier cuz you know, it's Football!

The Super Players

Since this is an arcade style game, some athletes here tend to stretch the bounds of what is possible on the field. Some other athletes will have you yelling at your Nintendo and calling this game a cheating whore. Here is a conveniently placed list of these dirty, cheating whores:

Lawrence Taylor- Big bad LT will be on your quarterback in a second of hiking the ball. He also has the ability to block extra points and field goals like no one else in the game. Pretty much, if your friend picks the Giants, you're down to picking run plays.

Bo Jackson- Tecmo Bo will run over your defense like they're nothing. As soon as he's in the open field he will torch any defender after him. The Raiders are a tough team to play against, it's best to just reset the game if your friend picks them. Although this may cause an argument, as long as it's your Nintendo you can do what you want with it.

Joe Montana and Jerry Rice Tandem- They can play pass and catch all day rumbling over any team that gets in their way. To get an advantage over these two, pick the Giants and have LT sack Montana every play.

That's another thing about this game; even when people choose teams with these players nowadays, with all the debate over the madden attributes for each player being argued, these guys are legends and you can't argue with legendary players. All you have to say is that you're controlling Joe freaking Montana of course I can throw it eighty yards.

The End of an Era

Sadly after so many rehashes of the same game, people switched to Madden in the mid-90s and ended the arcade football era. Although NFL X-treme and Blitz went on to sell well, people wanted more realism from their games and Madden delivered it to them year after year. Madden went on to get an exclusive license deal with the NFL and no one is allowed to use NFL teams in their games. We will remember you always Tecmo Super Bowl for the times we shared and for the nostalgia brought back when we hear your name. Oh yeah, XBLA now has Tecmo Bowl Throwback with updated rosters and Graphics but no officially licensed team names. I guess there's always that.

By Youwreeka