Paramore is an emo-pop-punk band from Tennessee which consists of Hayley Williams, the Farro brothers, Jeremy Davis, and whichever emo kid that can play guitar wants to join.

Extra emo kid not included

Hayley Williams, in all her glory

Just The Facts

  1. Originally, the band was a little uncomfortable with a female singer, then heard Hayley sing, and shut up.
  2. Paramore was the maiden name of a former bassist's mother (No, not Jeremy Davis).
  3. When they found out the meaning of "paramour" (secret lover) they kept the spelling the way it was, because they could.
  4. Hayley is hot, end of story.

All We Know is Falling

Only they know the reason for the red couch

The band's debut album, where each song sounds a lot like the next, with a few exceptions.

The songs "Pressure" and "Emergency" were made into music videos, so, that's something. They are also pretty decent songs.

The music video for "Pressure" contains the group in some sort of basement in God knows where singing and rocking their collective hearts out while we see a kid getting yelled at an ice cream shop until he leaves to find his model girlfriend. Then the water drains down on the band for some reason.

The video for "Emergency" has the band all dressed up in formal attire yet bloody and supposedly beat up. They sit on crappy couches and chairs before the director comes into the video to instruct them to go to the stage and rock out again. Then, they play for the delight of the director. This could be to show the music business forcing bands into creating music videos they don't want to do, but they seem to enjoy doing this part of the music as their career goes on.


Bring on the skinny orange jeans

This album is arugably their best, and is when they really found their own branch of music. Released in 2007, the singles included popular songs such as "Misery Business", "Crushcrushcrush" and "That's What You Get". The album was called Riot! because the meaning of riot, being an "outburst of uncontrolled emotion" is basically how you would describe all eleven tracks.

"Misery Business" was written about a time when Hayley wanted to be with someone who was mistreated by their girlfriend, then finally broke up with that person to be with Hayley. In other words, the best decision they will ever make in their entire lives.

For this album, the band would wear orange skinny jeans and black shirts on their tours. Hayley would even use an orange microphone in case people didn't realize that those colors must have had something to do with being in a riot-type mood, I'm guessing.

Brand New Eyes

It's a butterfly, in case you didn't know

The third and latest album was released in 2009, and may not be as good as Riot! but the jury is still out on that one.

Singles include, "Careful", "Ignorance", "Brick by Boring Brick", "Decode", and "The Only Exception". So, they either like putting out singles, or they really like music videos.

Hayley Williams recently has sported blond hair, and every guy in the world who likes Hayley is begging for her to change back to red hair.

Seriously Hayley, you're better than that

Twilight and Paramore

Can't you see her fangs?

Twilight and Paramore go together like peanut butter and Jelly, because they both deal with a tricky bitch called "teenage angst", and because of this, Paramore has contributed a fair amount to the Twilight cause.

They have contributed the single "Decode" to Twilight, which included a regular music video with just the band in a massive forrest just like one in the movie, and then one which simply added scenes from the movie. This in turn, made the movie look 100 times more dramatic then it actually was. They also wrote a song specifically for the movie called "I Caught Myself". For once, a video was not included, too bad.

Surprisingly, they did not get a song in the next movie: Eclipse. But, they will probably get a few more in their as the movies continue.

And before you badmouth them for contributing to Twilight, Thom Yorke also had a song in the Twilight movie, and he is fucking awesome.