A few good reasons why I am more Gangsta than all the Uther Suckas...By Crusadir

I have NEVER been raped by Big Jay-Z on the other hand...

This Ain't my Momma

Just The Facts

  1. Crusadir knows how to correctly pronounce "Milk" , "Pampers", and "Buick"
  2. Crusadir raps about "burning in hell" rather than the burn from a infection in yo pants.
  3. Crusadir has had his vids featured by Michael your heart out 50 Cent!
  4. Crusadir is a syndicated newspaper columnist, so that means he can spell right if he wants to.

Crusadir takes the world by storm!

The Gangsta Christian rapper Crusadir has just released his brand new Remix of his hit "God Will Take Em' Back."

Kanye West reportedly has halted all projects to make way for such greatness.

"50 cent" has allegedly gotten change upon hearing the news and will now be called "6 cent and a bazooka"

"Shawn puffy puff daddy diddy do dah day Combs" has seemingly humbled his self and poured out his supply of c'iroc...because he felt bad after hearing Crusadir.

Tupac has reportedly rose from the grave after someone played Crusadir's rhymes in the graveyard.

Will Smith has lamented and repented for abandoning Jazzy Jeff upon listening to the words of the Crusadir

MC Hammer had allegedly burned his parachute pants and glasses because he needed to keep warm after being frozen by the Crusadir's dope lyrics

you still ain't convinced?

Watch the video: Just click the link!