Richard Dunn

If you watch adult swim, then you probably watch Tim and Eric awesome show, great job! Richard Dunn was one of the most beloved actors on the show. He recently passed on June 4, 2010.

Always willing to go that extra mile.

Two key things that Richard Dunn has given us.

Just The Facts

  1. Richard Dunn was on almost every episode of T&EASGJ whether he played a major or minor role.
  2. He was funny as shit, usually because his lack of concentration and constant fumbling.
  3. There is also a famous boxer of the same name that passed 4 days after Richard. Freaky.

The Man

Richard Dunn is best known for his many appearences on Tim and Eric Awesome Show great Job, a show that appeals mostly to stoners and incredibly immature individuals (I confess to being a part of the former and latter group). He is best known for his sketches "The Dunngeon", in which he "interviewed" Jane's Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro and "Tennis" where he absent mindedly referee'd Tim and Eric's match. Part of what made Richard Dunn so funny is that he often had trouble getting his words out and that he would usually do things that senior's normally wouldn't do, I.E. getting a lap dance, shaving a teens head, and dressing like a goth.

Tragically, he passed away due to complications from a stroke. All Tim and Eric fans should take a moment to show respect for Mr.Dunn and all the countless hours of entertainment he has given us all. I know I will.

R.I.P Richard Dunn, he will be missed.