Fringe, a nice gory sci fi show based in modern times, that will kick your ass.

Yeah Leonard Nemoy is a Character.

Just The Facts

  1. Fringe is more fucked up than Criss Angel on LSD.
  2. One of the Main Characters is a mad scientist!
  3. It is not uncommon in fringe to teleport a chair into a monster that eats hearts and makes every hole in your body close up on you.


The shows is about an FBI agent Olivia Dunham, a mad scientist Walter Bishop, and his son Peter who work together in order to solve cases (the cases are often referred to as "the pattern") that are based around fringe science (teleportation, monsters, crazy shit). The cases are normally harmful to the lives of civilians and are usually attacks by a terrorist organization called the ZFT whose goal is to cause the technological singularity. Some where in this show comes a large company and devoloper of science Massive Dynamic, whose owner is Walter Bishops ex partner William Bell, who while working with Walter formed the nootropic drug that gives little kids x men style powers(controlling fire, telekenesis, making people kill themselves) this drug ties the ZFT to Olivia Dunham since she was tested on as a child and now they want her as a fighter for the technological revolution.

Main Characters

Olivia Dunham

The protagonist of this story Olivia was transferred to the crazy department of the FBI after her partner and lovers face melted off by some virus that he paid for, also for a short time she shared memories with her dead boyfriend.

When she was a little girl Walter Bishop did experiments on her... yeah... that would give her the x men style powers later in life, she shows off these powers by turning lights off with her mind.

Walter Bishop

This man brings the crazy to the show, he is a mad scientist and many of his old inventions and creations are used by the enemy. He was sent to a insane asylum after killing some lab assistants and for using people as Guinea pigs.

Peter Bishop

Peter is Walters son, who is also a genius, but since he had daddy issues as a child (Walter probably "experimented" on him as well) he dropped out of school and became a degenerate. His main job on the show is to take care of his father and translate from crazy to English for the rest of the cast. Also he may have died as a child so his Dad opened a portal to another dimension and stole a living Peter.

Crazy Shit That Happens On Fringe A.K.A Why You Should Watch This Show

Starting from the Beginning of the 20 episode long series a lot of crazy shit has happened like;

- Olivia's partner gets infected with a flesh eating toxin, than gets killed trying to escape, his memories are now in Olivia's mind.

- Girl gets raped by a name trying to steal her Pituitary Glands, she has a kid in minutes, than the kid grows 80 years in another couple of minutes and dies.

-A man can Control electricity.

-A girl with a rare disease takes a drug with causes hers and everyone around her heads to explode.

- A drug that scares people to death makes a man jump out a window because he was being chased by butterflies.

- ZFT robes a bank by walking through walls, in the bank there is a teleporter, they use this to help a bad guy escape from jail.

-An ex Programmer sends out a video that will liquefy your brain if you watch it

-A man turns into a monster on a plane.

Everything living in ths picture explodes.

-A toxin is created, it makes every orifice on your body close up

-Hippies release a monster that is like 8 creatures in 1 and hunts children at parks

Everything living in ths picture explodes.

- A person with the x men powers can make people kill themselves (you get to see tons of cool deaths)

-A woman has Syphilis that makes her drink your spinal fluid

- this man is on this show

- People spend some time teleporting from universe to universe in order to meet Spock, the real one.