The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland show is another half assed creation of Seth MacFarlane. It is Cleveland Brown's spin off from Family Guy and features a Bear.(sigh...)

Oh, Cleveland, what have you become?!

The Bastar- I mean creator, and his T.V. template.

Hmmm, looks very...familiar...

Just The Facts

  1. Aired September 27, 2009 as part of FOX's "This is all we got" line-up.
  2. Stars Cleveland Brown who went from a black man with a sense of pride, to the epitomy every racial stereotype. Progress!
  3. Is actually kind of funny, but don't tell MacFarlane I said that.

The Premise

Basically the show starts off when Cleveland gets tired of living in Quahog, and decides to move back to his childhood home of Stoolbend, Virginia. (Oh, poop joke. Classy.)

The show has adopted many changes that were precedented on Famly Guy, but then they said "fuck it" and changed it up anyway, for example, his son has taken on the subtle change of being a A.D.D. stricken little shit to a slow, fat kid and Cleveland is no longer mild mannered nor intelligent.

We follow Cleveland as he ,through a stroke of coincidence, reunites and hooks up with his old High School flame with the huge donky booty, Donna, and they fall in love and yadda yadda yadda. Donna already has two kids by her stereotypical dead beat baby daddy. Rallo, the black Stewie and Roberta, the sexy black daughter whose backside is almost as impressive as her mothers. I'd hit that.

Cleveland soon gets various jobs until landing a steady gig at the cable company with his high school buddy ,Terry, and is met with many mishaps and adventures including but not limited to taking his son's virginity (not what you think), being a pimp, and dealing with his neighbors hijinks. Basically just Family Guy stuck in an alternate universe where that movie "The Watermelon Man" is the basis for all reality.

5 Reasons why you should/shouldn't watch

1. It's FOX so you know it has to be evil in some kind of way. And evil is good.

2.Your tired of watching Family Guy ( it's on around the clock on FOX, TBS, and Adult Swim for crying out loud!)

3. You'd like to take a look into the life of the average black family that happen to live next to a redneck, a midget and a bear.

4.It's on after the new episode of Family Guy, so why even change the channel?

5.Barack Obama. No, I'm kidding. Its really not that bad a show.