Middle School

A short story that involves feelings and choices you must make in middle school.

Just The Facts

  1. After elementary school.
  2. Before high school.
  3. Shit.

Morning: Principal's Office

"Welcome to middle school, young man. I am Dr.Grope-A-Lot, and it is my duty to introduce you into this Heaven on Earth place. Brace yourself for the journey."

"Middle school is the transition between your innocent young sweet elementary school that will prepare you for high school, which, take my words, is a low worse than this. Buy hey at least you ar..."

(we were interrupted by a white kid, who looks really funny with his baggy jeans and his sleeveless shirt and his New Era cap)

"What the F*** do you think you are doing, PUNK?"

(a few punches were exchange between him and another student)

"YO, wassup dawg? My name is Im-Not-From-The-Ghetto-But-I-Think-I-Do. Imma show your sorry ass around the school, fool! Ya know what Im saying??? Do you? Hey?

Did he just beat the principal's as...

(gunshots went off)

Oh shit, guns.

Morning: Tour of the school being given

"Here we have lockers, which is mainly for storing your shiz, like weed, coke, mushrooms, guns, and fireworks..."

"Jesus! Don't you guys use it to store anything else other than drugs and weapons?"

"Oh ya, we also use it to store nerds and shiz we found in the junkyard"


-5 minutes later...-

"This is our gym, where we play dodgeball, wrestling, b-ball and soccer"

"Maybe not to bad...maybe athleticism ain't so bad"

"Dude, are you listening??? Dude"

"Oh yea, my bad"

"And then the best part, the girl's change room"

"Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Damn it. Oh well, we don't sin for looking at pretty naked girls, we only go blind. Poor Tom."

But something caught my mind. There was literally a big-ass hole that Hellen Keller would have spotted in 2 seconds, and I have full view of those girls changing their clothes. Some even winked and flash a smile to us boys. Isn't this ridiculous? And they are ridiculously cute, some are even hot. And some of the boys are even ugly. They sort of look like Jay-Z without his sunglasses and Carrot Top. Bloody ugly. Fine ladies like that noticing these fugly bastard? The thought burdens a tiny part of my souls that tells me something is very wrong here.

Late Morning: Walking around school, exploring

The school's library doesn't look new like that of an elementary school, but the them library doesn't owes Jesus 3$ like those one in high schools. Perfect definition for middle school. Not too good or bad.

But then, sounds of weeping caught my attention.

I turn toward the source of awful emotional blackmailing, and noticed a girl crying. Sitting there alone on the couch. Nobody comforting her. Nha, she's a drama queen, she'll deal with it.

I explored the lunch room. I inspected the wooden tables because my grandfather's carpenter blood runs in my veins, so I came to the conclusion that these tables are pretty old, as i break a small chunk of it away easily.

The Office looks completely normal, just like any Office in any other school. Except this one have kids in it. Kids sitting on the bench, sitting on separate tables. They have nothing in common except their hostile glance and they make me dread for my safety.

Walking around the school semi-cheerfully, I greet other students with Hi's and Hey's. Some greet back, some just made this sound in their nose that made me want to attack them, some just completely ignore it.

This school doesn't look too damn good.

Lunch, Library

I had lunch in the library, because today, my first day at this school, I can do almost whatever I wanted. And I decided to eat in the library, mainly to get away from all of those kids who keep telling me Carlos Mencia is funny, and to sit on the sofa. Ahhhh, The soft cushy sofa sure feels nice when I sat on it, though Im sure it doesn't feel the same way vice versa.

Then, suddenly becoming aware of my surrounding, I noticed a girl's light weeping.

Damn it, how many girls in this school cries?

So far, only one. Damn right, only one.

It's the same flipping girls as the one 2 hours before.

Suddenly, I thought "If someone has been crying for over 2 hours, maybe I should go check them out, maybe can even comfort her out of that annoying weeping.

"Hey. What's wrong?"

"LEAVE ME ALONE, please...(sobbing)"

Immediately, I just want to know why she was crying, what made her sad, what caused her to cry, and a shitload of other personal information about her. Like what's her name, etc. I wanted to pry out everything about this girl

I lifted her chin up. She didn't resist at all. I imagined her face must be really ugly, or else why is she crying? Well, if it's a pretty girl, I will try to comfort and get to know her. If she's ugly, I'll just run.

For some reasons, I feel scared lifting her face up. Mainly because Im really tired of me being right most of the times about looks.

It was a frat chick, with messed up mascara. Looks like she didn't achieved it by crying, feels more like someone has intentionally screw up her mascara.

I kinda feel bad for her. You may even say it's sympathy. As if being fat wasn't enough, someone just had to screw around with her even more. Maybe i should give her a few cheers, and the walk off. But at the same time, some assholish part of me just want to fuck her face up even more, maybe give it a few good slap.

So I did what any bystanders would do, i walk off.

No cheers, no slaps. No nothing.

Lunch, Outside

There's a big group of black kids playing bb-ball, and they are pretty good at it. Im amazed by their skills. Hot damn, maybe they are the next LeBron or MJ or something.

Walked up to them when one kid just randomly taunt me:

"Yo, look at this fool. Do you think we should welcome him traditionally, Tyrell?"

"This fool's too pretty for the normal ways dawg, give him the special treatment"

Violence, I thought. Im gonna have to fight on my very first day at this school. I know it because these kids are black, I just know it. I secretly flex all the muscles I could muster, ready to defend myself when I need to.

That black kid walks toward me, with a big grin on his face.

I almost punch him when surprisingly, he try to give me a handshake. They almost turned hostile to to me until I explain what I thought they were gonna do to me. They laughed. They explain to me that I should just calm-and-chillax-the-fuck down, no need to be tense on my first day.

I told them my name, and they told me theirs. Tyrell, Javon, Abdel, Dante, Omar, and Chris.

Maybe race doesn't factor into how nice or bitchy they are. Maybe Im just an asshole who need to change the way i think and look at people from different races.