Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was/still is America’s greatest Jazz/Swing singers of the 20th Century. Of course during his life long career he also became a successful Actor, and most sought after performers in the entertainment industry.

Just The Facts

  1. aka: The Voice, Ol' Blue Eyes, and among others, Frankie
  2. Formed the "Rat Pack" with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop
  3. He's won and earned so many awards, it's imposible to list them here on thie line. (So stay tuned...)
  4. In the 1950s he was claimed to be connected to the Mafia. He then went on to act in many parts as a member of the Mafia
  5. "Sinatra" is an anagram for "Artisan", isn't that cool?

Early Years

Frank Sinatra had an interesting childhood; he barely graduated junior high and dropped out of High School almost immediately. Right after he became a drop out, he started pushing his career as a singer. He joined and completed the "Hoboken Four", sang all over town. Then he thought himself way too good for that group, and started working on radio station WNEW in NYC. Which basically jump started his career, so he should've done that in the first place. But I'm sure he had some good times in that one band.

Oh! and He got married, for the first time to Nancy Barbato.

Sinatra as a Singer

When you look back to all the crooners, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, etc. etc., they all have their own "style" but if you listen to them in shuffle, they all pretty much sound the same. That's where Frankie comes in; when you through a one of his songs in, it picks you up and makes you move. It's what made him stand above all over crooners and swing era singers of the time, and dominate the charts.

Rat Pack ver. 2.04

Rat pack ver 1.2

Like many famous men, Sinatra had a large demographic of young girls. He was the first singer to attract the kind of hysteria that Elvis and the Beatles got in 50s. The prime of this" hysteria" was in October as, 1944. Thousands of his fans were denied entry into the already-packed Paramount Theater in New York City. They stormed the streets and vented their frustration by smashing nearby shop windows.

Before I forget he also made tons of songs throughout his 60 year career.

Sinatra as a Actor

In, near, or around 1950, the man switched to acting, for the most part. To be precise from '54 to '56 he appeared in 9 movies. Of course he didn't stop there; he was in another 41 movies over the course of his life time. Was played in many roles, ranging from musical to comedy to drama, he won an Oscar for Best supporting actor and was then nominated for best actor, but lost for his role in The Man with the Golden Arm. He was also nominated for a few BAFTA Awards, and lots of Laurel Awards. Oh, and he won 3 times the Golden Apple Award for least cooperative Actor, I can't imagine why.

doesn't that face just scream "cooroperative" though...?

doesn't that face just scream "cooroperative" though...?

Sinatra at the End

Now 3 wives and 1 brief retirement later: Frankie's stayed in the limelight, with the famous recording of "New York New York" and going on an outstandingly successful reunion tour with Shirley MacLaine. Unfortunately for the most part after that point, it started going downhill for Sinatra's health. Starting in the 90s he started having memory lapses', but of course that didn't stop him from performing, he just set up a teleprompt so that he could remember the lyrics.