arizona. the first state to become nazi.warning:this article is extremely truthy.

Just The Facts

  1. arizona is the 48th state in the united states
  2. it is trying to give glenn beck proof that we are heading to death camps
  3. try not to be mexican if you plan on visiting there

arizona's history.

if i learned anything from stephen colbert , its 1): the factstapo suck and 2): nothing is funny without truthiness, so that is why this page shall contain as little factiness as possible. arizona was created by god a billionjillion years ago when he pushed some land together or whatever. it was then owned by mexico for afew years until america took it. we didnt mind mexicans coming in so we didnt really think that the imigrationstapo would come a be jackasses to them mexicans. so the arizona people decided to let the mexicans stay and be gardeners or whatever.

premier overlord bush and the curse of the teabaggers.

when premier overlord bush began his reing he made us hate brown people. he sent the army to the middle east to get rid of those brown people but he realized there was no military left to get rid of the mexicans. with the help of his evil wizard advisor, dick cheyney, he got all his subjects to put up a wall between america and mexico. then he realized that the wall would probably be taken down after his reing, so he asked the dark wizard to put a curse on america. according to the curse , when his reing ended, every single american who ever failed history class would start causing hassles for the new leader of america by protesting stupid shit. these people would be called teabaggers because they dont understand what the boston tea party was about. he found a troll named glen beck who would lead the tea baggers. when premier overlord bush's reing ended and the new leader, obama, stepped up the teabaggers immediatley started being stupid.

the nazi-fication of arizona

with the uprising of the teabaggers, the weak (or evil) local leaders had to cave to the ridiculous teabagging. one of these leaders was adolf hitler brewer. hitler brewer's caving meant that every mexican in her state of arizona would be arrested. this suceeded, however it alm,ost did not. you see bush's pet troll, beck, had a speech impediment where he could not complete a sentence without saying the word 'nazi'. so one time while talking about arizona becoming a nazi wasteland he accidently admitted this was bad. had the teabaggers not been too busy being retards that day to listen to beck, things might have gone a whole nother direction. right now there is no telling what will happen to arizona right now. but since beck and his teabagger minions are now trying to stop muslims from being in new york, he probably wont have anything to do with new developments.

what arizona looks like

arizona is really really hot. and not like big titties hot. it is all desert like mexico, so the wall is kinda for safety because if it wasnt there a mexican who did not feel like sneaking in might accidently wander in and be arrested for being brown. arizona is so hot and dry the bushes and trees are all puffy and spiky. the cops in arizona they will automaticaly assume someones race by the current color of thier skin. sometimes whites in arizona may get really sunburned and get arrested becaus they look mexican. however if a mexican can stay in arizona long enough without getting arrested they may get sunburned too and start looking like a black guy to the cops. this sunburned affect can sometimes beused against the cops becaus if the cop gets a sunburn and you point it out to him he will think he is mexican and arrest himself. arizona is also home to huge crater. the crater was caused by the crashed spacecraft of david ickes reptile freinds. however the reptiles that did not disquise themselves as earths leaders devolved into iguanas. arizona's capital is pheonix where there is a school but as you can expect mexicans are not allowed.