Bad Ass

Bad ass is the act of doing something so amazing that no words can describe it. To be bad ass, the act must: be manly, have some form of imminent destruction, and be manly. If there is a shark or dinosaurs involved, it is immediately bad ass.

This is an example of the most bad ass a picture can get

Big animals and explosions are also very bad ass

Just The Facts

  1. Sometimes bad ass is incorperated into things that are not bad ass.
  2. Those who do that are shunned from all things bad ass.
  3. You will know something is truely bad ass if your brain explodes when you see it.

The different types of bad ass

The first type is explosions.

Explosions are the act of creating a chemical reaction that will release a fire ball and a shockwave that is capable of destroying things. These explosions are usually used for killing people, for laughs that turn into screams soon after, or to let people walk away from them in slow motion.

ExplosionExplosionExplosionPhotoshopped or not, explosions are still bad assEven the explosions themselves know that they are bad ass


Dinosaurs are one of the exceptions to the bad ass rules. They are (unfortunatly) extinct. Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and specialize in eating each other and flying jet planes.


Sharks are the other exception to the bad ass rules. They are carnivores fish that will not even hesitate to attack and gobble you down.

This guy is fucking riding a shark

Extreme Sports

When used right, extreme sports can be the maximum amounts of bad ass. Dying while doing an extreme sport is known to be an honor among bad ass enthusiasts.

The shiny clothes do nothing to lower the bad assYes, even jugglingThis man knows he is bad ass

Staff Sergeant Max Fightmaster

This man is the most bad ass human being in the history of the world. He doesn't even need to do anything, he could sit on the couch all day and still be bad ass! First off, he is a staff sergeant, which means he is in the military! Second, his first name, Max. That name just screams "flaming chainsaws", and ofcourse there is his last name, Fightmaster. This name is so bad ass that the mere mention of it near people unprepared will cause babies to cry, children to scream, and woman to faint. The men? They will fall to their knees and pray to be as bad ass as the Fightmaster.Glorious


Robots are mechanical killing machines that will inevitably take over the world and enslave the human the race. So far robots are nothing more then single thought machines that help humanity live better.

The Elements

No not the boring elemants of the boring science thing. No, what I mean is the elemants as in fire, water, thunder, etc. Pictures of these rarely reach the maximum bad ass levels. But when they do... you had better have a few extra pair of pants.

When mixed together these can create double the amount of bad ass.