Despite what Disney would have you believe, Hyenas would make even Mustafa shit himself in terror and find something else to eat.

Just The Facts

  1. In popular culture, Hyenas are usually portrayed as cowardly scavengers
  2. In real life, Hyenas are so hardcore the females have junk and dominate the males
  3. Said females are almost indistinguishable from the males, except they are bigger
  4. Female hyenas are a cross between Sarah Conner and the Terminator
  5. Hyenas can bite through and digest Cape Buffalo bones, which makes you (and your bones) and light snack

Cracked on Hyenas

Hyenas are generally shown as the wussy retards of the Savannah; they travel in groups, run away from the brave lions, and make stupid laughing noises.

We hate to break it to you, but Disney lied, and if you believe anything you ever "learned" from a Disney movie, you will very likely wind up dead.